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lldb::SBBlock Class Reference

#include <SBBlock.h>

Public Member Functions

 SBBlock ()
 SBBlock (const lldb::SBBlock &rhs)
 ~SBBlock ()
const lldb::SBBlockoperator= (const lldb::SBBlock &rhs)
bool IsInlined () const
bool IsValid () const
const char * GetInlinedName () const
lldb::SBFileSpec GetInlinedCallSiteFile () const
uint32_t GetInlinedCallSiteLine () const
uint32_t GetInlinedCallSiteColumn () const
lldb::SBBlock GetParent ()
lldb::SBBlock GetSibling ()
lldb::SBBlock GetFirstChild ()
uint32_t GetNumRanges ()
lldb::SBAddress GetRangeStartAddress (uint32_t idx)
lldb::SBAddress GetRangeEndAddress (uint32_t idx)
uint32_t GetRangeIndexForBlockAddress (lldb::SBAddress block_addr)
lldb::SBValueList GetVariables (lldb::SBFrame &frame, bool arguments, bool locals, bool statics, lldb::DynamicValueType use_dynamic)
lldb::SBValueList GetVariables (lldb::SBTarget &target, bool arguments, bool locals, bool statics)
lldb::SBBlock GetContainingInlinedBlock ()
bool GetDescription (lldb::SBStream &description)


class SBAddress
class SBFrame
class SBFunction
class SBSymbolContext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file SBBlock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lldb::SBBlock::SBBlock ( )
lldb::SBBlock::SBBlock ( const lldb::SBBlock rhs)
lldb::SBBlock::~SBBlock ( )

Member Function Documentation

lldb::SBBlock lldb::SBBlock::GetContainingInlinedBlock ( )

Get the inlined block that contains this block.

If this block is inlined, it will return this block, else parent blocks will be searched to see if any contain this block and are themselves inlined. An invalid SBBlock will be returned if this block nor any parent blocks are inlined function blocks.
bool lldb::SBBlock::GetDescription ( lldb::SBStream description)
lldb::SBBlock lldb::SBBlock::GetFirstChild ( )
uint32_t lldb::SBBlock::GetInlinedCallSiteColumn ( ) const
lldb::SBFileSpec lldb::SBBlock::GetInlinedCallSiteFile ( ) const
uint32_t lldb::SBBlock::GetInlinedCallSiteLine ( ) const
const char* lldb::SBBlock::GetInlinedName ( ) const
uint32_t lldb::SBBlock::GetNumRanges ( )
lldb::SBBlock lldb::SBBlock::GetParent ( )
lldb::SBAddress lldb::SBBlock::GetRangeEndAddress ( uint32_t  idx)
uint32_t lldb::SBBlock::GetRangeIndexForBlockAddress ( lldb::SBAddress  block_addr)
lldb::SBAddress lldb::SBBlock::GetRangeStartAddress ( uint32_t  idx)
lldb::SBBlock lldb::SBBlock::GetSibling ( )
lldb::SBValueList lldb::SBBlock::GetVariables ( lldb::SBFrame frame,
bool  arguments,
bool  locals,
bool  statics,
lldb::DynamicValueType  use_dynamic 
lldb::SBValueList lldb::SBBlock::GetVariables ( lldb::SBTarget target,
bool  arguments,
bool  locals,
bool  statics 
bool lldb::SBBlock::IsInlined ( ) const
bool lldb::SBBlock::IsValid ( ) const
const lldb::SBBlock& lldb::SBBlock::operator= ( const lldb::SBBlock rhs)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SBAddress

Definition at line 77 of file SBBlock.h.

friend class SBFrame

Definition at line 78 of file SBBlock.h.

friend class SBFunction

Definition at line 79 of file SBBlock.h.

friend class SBSymbolContext

Definition at line 80 of file SBBlock.h.

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