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lldb::SBBreakpoint Class Reference

#include <SBBreakpoint.h>

Public Types

typedef bool(* BreakpointHitCallback )(void *baton, SBProcess &process, SBThread &thread, lldb::SBBreakpointLocation &location)

Public Member Functions

 SBBreakpoint ()
 SBBreakpoint (const lldb::SBBreakpoint &rhs)
 ~SBBreakpoint ()
const lldb::SBBreakpointoperator= (const lldb::SBBreakpoint &rhs)
bool operator== (const lldb::SBBreakpoint &rhs)
bool operator!= (const lldb::SBBreakpoint &rhs)
break_id_t GetID () const
bool IsValid () const
void ClearAllBreakpointSites ()
lldb::SBBreakpointLocation FindLocationByAddress (lldb::addr_t vm_addr)
lldb::break_id_t FindLocationIDByAddress (lldb::addr_t vm_addr)
lldb::SBBreakpointLocation FindLocationByID (lldb::break_id_t bp_loc_id)
lldb::SBBreakpointLocation GetLocationAtIndex (uint32_t index)
void SetEnabled (bool enable)
bool IsEnabled ()
void SetOneShot (bool one_shot)
bool IsOneShot () const
bool IsInternal ()
uint32_t GetHitCount () const
void SetIgnoreCount (uint32_t count)
uint32_t GetIgnoreCount () const
void SetCondition (const char *condition)
const char * GetCondition ()
void SetThreadID (lldb::tid_t sb_thread_id)
lldb::tid_t GetThreadID ()
void SetThreadIndex (uint32_t index)
uint32_t GetThreadIndex () const
void SetThreadName (const char *thread_name)
const char * GetThreadName () const
void SetQueueName (const char *queue_name)
const char * GetQueueName () const
void SetCallback (BreakpointHitCallback callback, void *baton)
void SetScriptCallbackFunction (const char *callback_function_name)
void SetCommandLineCommands (SBStringList &commands)
bool GetCommandLineCommands (SBStringList &commands)
SBError SetScriptCallbackBody (const char *script_body_text)
bool AddName (const char *new_name)
void RemoveName (const char *name_to_remove)
bool MatchesName (const char *name)
void GetNames (SBStringList &names)
size_t GetNumResolvedLocations () const
size_t GetNumLocations () const
bool GetDescription (lldb::SBStream &description)
bool GetDescription (lldb::SBStream &description, bool include_locations)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool EventIsBreakpointEvent (const lldb::SBEvent &event)
static lldb::BreakpointEventType GetBreakpointEventTypeFromEvent (const lldb::SBEvent &event)
static lldb::SBBreakpoint GetBreakpointFromEvent (const lldb::SBEvent &event)
static lldb::SBBreakpointLocation GetBreakpointLocationAtIndexFromEvent (const lldb::SBEvent &event, uint32_t loc_idx)
static uint32_t GetNumBreakpointLocationsFromEvent (const lldb::SBEvent &event_sp)


class SBBreakpointList
class SBBreakpointLocation
class SBTarget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file SBBreakpoint.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef bool(* lldb::SBBreakpoint::BreakpointHitCallback)(void *baton, SBProcess &process, SBThread &thread, lldb::SBBreakpointLocation &location)

Definition at line 19 of file SBBreakpoint.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lldb::SBBreakpoint::SBBreakpoint ( )
lldb::SBBreakpoint::SBBreakpoint ( const lldb::SBBreakpoint rhs)
lldb::SBBreakpoint::~SBBreakpoint ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::AddName ( const char *  new_name)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::ClearAllBreakpointSites ( )
static bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::EventIsBreakpointEvent ( const lldb::SBEvent event)
lldb::SBBreakpointLocation lldb::SBBreakpoint::FindLocationByAddress ( lldb::addr_t  vm_addr)
lldb::SBBreakpointLocation lldb::SBBreakpoint::FindLocationByID ( lldb::break_id_t  bp_loc_id)
lldb::break_id_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::FindLocationIDByAddress ( lldb::addr_t  vm_addr)
static lldb::BreakpointEventType lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetBreakpointEventTypeFromEvent ( const lldb::SBEvent event)
static lldb::SBBreakpoint lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetBreakpointFromEvent ( const lldb::SBEvent event)
static lldb::SBBreakpointLocation lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetBreakpointLocationAtIndexFromEvent ( const lldb::SBEvent event,
uint32_t  loc_idx 
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetCommandLineCommands ( SBStringList commands)
const char* lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetCondition ( )
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetDescription ( lldb::SBStream description)
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetDescription ( lldb::SBStream description,
bool  include_locations 
uint32_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetHitCount ( ) const
break_id_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetID ( ) const
uint32_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetIgnoreCount ( ) const
lldb::SBBreakpointLocation lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetLocationAtIndex ( uint32_t  index)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetNames ( SBStringList names)
static uint32_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetNumBreakpointLocationsFromEvent ( const lldb::SBEvent event_sp)
size_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetNumLocations ( ) const
size_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetNumResolvedLocations ( ) const
const char* lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetQueueName ( ) const
lldb::tid_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetThreadID ( )
uint32_t lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetThreadIndex ( ) const
const char* lldb::SBBreakpoint::GetThreadName ( ) const
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::IsEnabled ( )
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::IsInternal ( )
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::IsOneShot ( ) const
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::IsValid ( ) const
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::MatchesName ( const char *  name)
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::operator!= ( const lldb::SBBreakpoint rhs)
const lldb::SBBreakpoint& lldb::SBBreakpoint::operator= ( const lldb::SBBreakpoint rhs)
bool lldb::SBBreakpoint::operator== ( const lldb::SBBreakpoint rhs)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::RemoveName ( const char *  name_to_remove)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetCallback ( BreakpointHitCallback  callback,
void *  baton 
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetCommandLineCommands ( SBStringList commands)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetCondition ( const char *  condition)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetEnabled ( bool  enable)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetIgnoreCount ( uint32_t  count)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetOneShot ( bool  one_shot)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetQueueName ( const char *  queue_name)
SBError lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetScriptCallbackBody ( const char *  script_body_text)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetScriptCallbackFunction ( const char *  callback_function_name)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetThreadID ( lldb::tid_t  sb_thread_id)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetThreadIndex ( uint32_t  index)
void lldb::SBBreakpoint::SetThreadName ( const char *  thread_name)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SBBreakpointList

Definition at line 128 of file SBBreakpoint.h.

friend class SBBreakpointLocation

Definition at line 129 of file SBBreakpoint.h.

friend class SBTarget

Definition at line 130 of file SBBreakpoint.h.

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