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lldb::SBModuleSpec Class Reference

#include <SBModuleSpec.h>

Public Member Functions

 SBModuleSpec ()
 SBModuleSpec (const SBModuleSpec &rhs)
 ~SBModuleSpec ()
const SBModuleSpecoperator= (const SBModuleSpec &rhs)
bool IsValid () const
void Clear ()
lldb::SBFileSpec GetFileSpec ()
void SetFileSpec (const lldb::SBFileSpec &fspec)
lldb::SBFileSpec GetPlatformFileSpec ()
void SetPlatformFileSpec (const lldb::SBFileSpec &fspec)
lldb::SBFileSpec GetSymbolFileSpec ()
void SetSymbolFileSpec (const lldb::SBFileSpec &fspec)
const char * GetObjectName ()
void SetObjectName (const char *name)
const char * GetTriple ()
void SetTriple (const char *triple)
const uint8_t * GetUUIDBytes ()
size_t GetUUIDLength ()
bool SetUUIDBytes (const uint8_t *uuid, size_t uuid_len)
bool GetDescription (lldb::SBStream &description)


class SBModuleSpecList
class SBModule
class SBTarget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file SBModuleSpec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lldb::SBModuleSpec::SBModuleSpec ( )
lldb::SBModuleSpec::SBModuleSpec ( const SBModuleSpec rhs)
lldb::SBModuleSpec::~SBModuleSpec ( )

Member Function Documentation

void lldb::SBModuleSpec::Clear ( )
bool lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetDescription ( lldb::SBStream description)
lldb::SBFileSpec lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetFileSpec ( )

Get const accessor for the module file.

This function returns the file for the module on the host system that is running LLDB. This can differ from the path on the platform since we might be doing remote debugging.

A const reference to the file specification object.
const char* lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetObjectName ( )
lldb::SBFileSpec lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetPlatformFileSpec ( )

Get accessor for the module platform file.

Platform file refers to the path of the module as it is known on the remote system on which it is being debugged. For local debugging this is always the same as Module::GetFileSpec(). But remote debugging might mention a file '/usr/lib/liba.dylib' which might be locally downloaded and cached. In this case the platform file could be something like: '/tmp/lldb/platform-cache/remote.host.computer/usr/lib/liba.dylib' The file could also be cached in a local developer kit directory.

A const reference to the file specification object.
lldb::SBFileSpec lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetSymbolFileSpec ( )
const char* lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetTriple ( )
const uint8_t* lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetUUIDBytes ( )
size_t lldb::SBModuleSpec::GetUUIDLength ( )
bool lldb::SBModuleSpec::IsValid ( ) const
const SBModuleSpec& lldb::SBModuleSpec::operator= ( const SBModuleSpec rhs)
void lldb::SBModuleSpec::SetFileSpec ( const lldb::SBFileSpec fspec)
void lldb::SBModuleSpec::SetObjectName ( const char *  name)
void lldb::SBModuleSpec::SetPlatformFileSpec ( const lldb::SBFileSpec fspec)
void lldb::SBModuleSpec::SetSymbolFileSpec ( const lldb::SBFileSpec fspec)
void lldb::SBModuleSpec::SetTriple ( const char *  triple)
bool lldb::SBModuleSpec::SetUUIDBytes ( const uint8_t *  uuid,
size_t  uuid_len 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SBModule

Definition at line 87 of file SBModuleSpec.h.

friend class SBModuleSpecList

Definition at line 86 of file SBModuleSpec.h.

friend class SBTarget

Definition at line 88 of file SBModuleSpec.h.

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