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lldb::SBSection Class Reference

#include <SBSection.h>

Public Member Functions

 SBSection ()
 SBSection (const lldb::SBSection &rhs)
 ~SBSection ()
const lldb::SBSectionoperator= (const lldb::SBSection &rhs)
bool IsValid () const
const char * GetName ()
lldb::SBSection GetParent ()
lldb::SBSection FindSubSection (const char *sect_name)
size_t GetNumSubSections ()
lldb::SBSection GetSubSectionAtIndex (size_t idx)
lldb::addr_t GetFileAddress ()
lldb::addr_t GetLoadAddress (lldb::SBTarget &target)
lldb::addr_t GetByteSize ()
uint64_t GetFileOffset ()
uint64_t GetFileByteSize ()
lldb::SBData GetSectionData ()
lldb::SBData GetSectionData (uint64_t offset, uint64_t size)
SectionType GetSectionType ()
uint32_t GetPermissions () const
uint32_t GetTargetByteSize ()
bool operator== (const lldb::SBSection &rhs)
bool operator!= (const lldb::SBSection &rhs)
bool GetDescription (lldb::SBStream &description)


class SBAddress
class SBModule
class SBTarget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file SBSection.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lldb::SBSection::SBSection ( )
lldb::SBSection::SBSection ( const lldb::SBSection rhs)
lldb::SBSection::~SBSection ( )

Member Function Documentation

lldb::SBSection lldb::SBSection::FindSubSection ( const char *  sect_name)
lldb::addr_t lldb::SBSection::GetByteSize ( )
bool lldb::SBSection::GetDescription ( lldb::SBStream description)
lldb::addr_t lldb::SBSection::GetFileAddress ( )
uint64_t lldb::SBSection::GetFileByteSize ( )
uint64_t lldb::SBSection::GetFileOffset ( )
lldb::addr_t lldb::SBSection::GetLoadAddress ( lldb::SBTarget target)
const char* lldb::SBSection::GetName ( )
size_t lldb::SBSection::GetNumSubSections ( )
lldb::SBSection lldb::SBSection::GetParent ( )
uint32_t lldb::SBSection::GetPermissions ( ) const

Gets the permissions (RWX) of the section of the object file

Returns a mask of bits of enum lldb::Permissions for this section. Sections for which permissions are not defined, 0 is returned for them. The binary representation of this value corresponds to [XRW] i.e. for a section having read and execute permissions, the value returned is 6

Returns an unsigned value for Permissions for the section.
lldb::SBData lldb::SBSection::GetSectionData ( )
lldb::SBData lldb::SBSection::GetSectionData ( uint64_t  offset,
uint64_t  size 
SectionType lldb::SBSection::GetSectionType ( )
lldb::SBSection lldb::SBSection::GetSubSectionAtIndex ( size_t  idx)
uint32_t lldb::SBSection::GetTargetByteSize ( )

Return the size of a target's byte represented by this section in numbers of host bytes. Note that certain architectures have varying minimum addressable unit (i.e. byte) size for their CODE or DATA buses.

The number of host (8-bit) bytes needed to hold a target byte
bool lldb::SBSection::IsValid ( ) const
bool lldb::SBSection::operator!= ( const lldb::SBSection rhs)
const lldb::SBSection& lldb::SBSection::operator= ( const lldb::SBSection rhs)
bool lldb::SBSection::operator== ( const lldb::SBSection rhs)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SBAddress

Definition at line 89 of file SBSection.h.

friend class SBModule

Definition at line 90 of file SBSection.h.

friend class SBTarget

Definition at line 91 of file SBSection.h.

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