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lldb::SBThreadPlan Class Reference

#include <SBThreadPlan.h>

Public Member Functions

 SBThreadPlan ()
 SBThreadPlan (const lldb::SBThreadPlan &threadPlan)
 SBThreadPlan (const lldb::ThreadPlanSP &lldb_object_sp)
 SBThreadPlan (lldb::SBThread &thread, const char *class_name)
 ~SBThreadPlan ()
bool IsValid () const
void Clear ()
lldb::StopReason GetStopReason ()
size_t GetStopReasonDataCount ()
uint64_t GetStopReasonDataAtIndex (uint32_t idx)
SBThread GetThread () const
const lldb::SBThreadPlanoperator= (const lldb::SBThreadPlan &rhs)
bool GetDescription (lldb::SBStream &description) const
void SetPlanComplete (bool success)
bool IsPlanComplete ()
bool IsPlanStale ()
bool IsValid ()
SBThreadPlan QueueThreadPlanForStepOverRange (SBAddress &start_address, lldb::addr_t range_size)
SBThreadPlan QueueThreadPlanForStepInRange (SBAddress &start_address, lldb::addr_t range_size)
SBThreadPlan QueueThreadPlanForStepOut (uint32_t frame_idx_to_step_to, bool first_insn=false)
SBThreadPlan QueueThreadPlanForRunToAddress (SBAddress address)
lldb_private::ThreadPlan * get ()

Protected Member Functions

void SetThreadPlan (const lldb::ThreadPlanSP &lldb_object_sp)


class lldb_private::ThreadPlan
class SBBreakpoint
class SBBreakpointLocation
class SBFrame
class SBProcess
class SBDebugger
class SBValue
class lldb_private::QueueImpl
class SBQueueItem

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lldb::SBThreadPlan::SBThreadPlan ( )
lldb::SBThreadPlan::SBThreadPlan ( const lldb::SBThreadPlan threadPlan)
lldb::SBThreadPlan::SBThreadPlan ( const lldb::ThreadPlanSP &  lldb_object_sp)
lldb::SBThreadPlan::SBThreadPlan ( lldb::SBThread thread,
const char *  class_name 
lldb::SBThreadPlan::~SBThreadPlan ( )

Member Function Documentation

void lldb::SBThreadPlan::Clear ( )
lldb_private::ThreadPlan* lldb::SBThreadPlan::get ( )
bool lldb::SBThreadPlan::GetDescription ( lldb::SBStream description) const
lldb::StopReason lldb::SBThreadPlan::GetStopReason ( )
uint64_t lldb::SBThreadPlan::GetStopReasonDataAtIndex ( uint32_t  idx)

Get information associated with a stop reason.

Breakpoint stop reasons will have data that consists of pairs of breakpoint IDs followed by the breakpoint location IDs (they always come in pairs).

Stop Reason Count Data Type ======================== ===== ========================================= eStopReasonNone 0 eStopReasonTrace 0 eStopReasonBreakpoint N duple: {breakpoint id, location id} eStopReasonWatchpoint 1 watchpoint id eStopReasonSignal 1 unix signal number eStopReasonException N exception data eStopReasonExec 0 eStopReasonPlanComplete 0

size_t lldb::SBThreadPlan::GetStopReasonDataCount ( )

Get the number of words associated with the stop reason. See also GetStopReasonDataAtIndex().

SBThread lldb::SBThreadPlan::GetThread ( ) const
bool lldb::SBThreadPlan::IsPlanComplete ( )
bool lldb::SBThreadPlan::IsPlanStale ( )
bool lldb::SBThreadPlan::IsValid ( ) const
bool lldb::SBThreadPlan::IsValid ( )
const lldb::SBThreadPlan& lldb::SBThreadPlan::operator= ( const lldb::SBThreadPlan rhs)
SBThreadPlan lldb::SBThreadPlan::QueueThreadPlanForRunToAddress ( SBAddress  address)
SBThreadPlan lldb::SBThreadPlan::QueueThreadPlanForStepInRange ( SBAddress start_address,
lldb::addr_t  range_size 
SBThreadPlan lldb::SBThreadPlan::QueueThreadPlanForStepOut ( uint32_t  frame_idx_to_step_to,
bool  first_insn = false 
SBThreadPlan lldb::SBThreadPlan::QueueThreadPlanForStepOverRange ( SBAddress start_address,
lldb::addr_t  range_size 
void lldb::SBThreadPlan::SetPlanComplete ( bool  success)
void lldb::SBThreadPlan::SetThreadPlan ( const lldb::ThreadPlanSP &  lldb_object_sp)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class lldb_private::QueueImpl

Definition at line 102 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class lldb_private::ThreadPlan

Definition at line 21 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBBreakpoint

Definition at line 96 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBBreakpointLocation

Definition at line 97 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBDebugger

Definition at line 100 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBFrame

Definition at line 98 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBProcess

Definition at line 99 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBQueueItem

Definition at line 103 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

friend class SBValue

Definition at line 101 of file SBThreadPlan.h.

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