Package lldb :: Package utils :: Module symbolication :: Class Image
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Class Image

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A class that represents an executable image and any associated data

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, path, uuid=None) source code
dump(self, prefix) source code
debug_dump(self) source code
__str__(self) source code
add_section(self, section) source code
get_section_containing_load_addr(self, load_addr) source code
get_resolved_path(self) source code
get_resolved_path_basename(self) source code
symfile_basename(self) source code
has_section_load_info(self) source code
load_module(self, target) source code
add_module(self, target)
Add the Image described in this object to "target" and load the sections if "load" is True.
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locate_module_and_debug_symbols(self) source code
get_uuid(self) source code
get_normalized_uuid_string(self) source code
Create a target using the information in this Image object.
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Class Methods [hide private]
InitWithSBTargetAndSBModule(cls, target, module)
Initialize this Image object with a module from a target.
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