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DWARFCompileUnit Class Reference

#include <DWARFCompileUnit.h>

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Public Member Functions

void Dump (lldb_private::Stream *s) const override
const lldb_private::DWARFDataExtractorGetData () const override
 Get the data that contains the DIE information for this unit. More...
uint32_t GetHeaderByteSize () const override
 Get the size in bytes of the header. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from DWARFUnit
virtual ~DWARFUnit ()
void ExtractUnitDIEIfNeeded ()
void ExtractDIEsIfNeeded ()
ScopedExtractDIEs ExtractDIEsScoped ()
DWARFDIE LookupAddress (const dw_addr_t address)
size_t AppendDIEsWithTag (const dw_tag_t tag, std::vector< DWARFDIE > &dies, uint32_t depth=UINT32_MAX) const
bool Verify (lldb_private::Stream *s) const
dw_offset_t GetOffset () const
size_t GetLengthByteSize () const
 Get the size in bytes of the length field in the header. More...
bool ContainsDIEOffset (dw_offset_t die_offset) const
dw_offset_t GetFirstDIEOffset () const
dw_offset_t GetNextCompileUnitOffset () const
size_t GetDebugInfoSize () const
uint32_t GetLength () const
uint16_t GetVersion () const
const DWARFAbbreviationDeclarationSetGetAbbreviations () const
dw_offset_t GetAbbrevOffset () const
uint8_t GetAddressByteSize () const
dw_addr_t GetBaseAddress () const
dw_addr_t GetAddrBase () const
dw_addr_t GetRangesBase () const
dw_addr_t GetStrOffsetsBase () const
void SetAddrBase (dw_addr_t addr_base)
void SetRangesBase (dw_addr_t ranges_base)
void SetBaseObjOffset (dw_offset_t base_obj_offset)
void SetStrOffsetsBase (dw_offset_t str_offsets_base)
void BuildAddressRangeTable (SymbolFileDWARF *dwarf, DWARFDebugAranges *debug_aranges)
lldb::ByteOrder GetByteOrder () const
lldb_private::TypeSystemGetTypeSystem ()
const DWARFDebugArangesGetFunctionAranges ()
DWARFFormValue::FixedFormSizes GetFixedFormSizes ()
void SetBaseAddress (dw_addr_t base_addr)
DWARFBaseDIE GetUnitDIEOnly ()
DWARFDIE GetDIE (dw_offset_t die_offset)
void * GetUserData () const
void SetUserData (void *d)
bool Supports_DW_AT_APPLE_objc_complete_type ()
bool DW_AT_decl_file_attributes_are_invalid ()
bool Supports_unnamed_objc_bitfields ()
SymbolFileDWARFGetSymbolFileDWARF () const
DWARFProducer GetProducer ()
uint32_t GetProducerVersionMajor ()
uint32_t GetProducerVersionMinor ()
uint32_t GetProducerVersionUpdate ()
lldb::LanguageType GetLanguageType ()
bool GetIsOptimized ()
const lldb_private::FileSpecGetCompilationDirectory ()
lldb_private::FileSpec::Style GetPathStyle ()
SymbolFileDWARFDwoGetDwoSymbolFile () const
dw_offset_t GetBaseObjOffset () const
die_iterator_range dies ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::UserID
 UserID (lldb::user_id_t uid=LLDB_INVALID_UID)
 Construct with optional user ID. More...
 ~UserID ()
 Destructor. More...
void Clear ()
 Clears the object state. More...
lldb::user_id_t GetID () const
 Get accessor for the user ID. More...
void SetID (lldb::user_id_t uid)
 Set accessor for the user ID. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static llvm::Expected< DWARFUnitSPextract (SymbolFileDWARF *dwarf2Data, lldb::user_id_t uid, const lldb_private::DWARFDataExtractor &debug_info, lldb::offset_t *offset_ptr)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DWARFUnit
static uint8_t GetAddressByteSize (const DWARFUnit *cu)
static uint8_t GetDefaultAddressSize ()
static lldb::LanguageType LanguageTypeFromDWARF (uint64_t val)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from DWARFUnit
 DWARFUnit (SymbolFileDWARF *dwarf, lldb::user_id_t uid)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DWARFUnit
SymbolFileDWARFm_dwarf = nullptr
std::unique_ptr< SymbolFileDWARFDwom_dwo_symbol_file
const DWARFAbbreviationDeclarationSetm_abbrevs = nullptr
void * m_user_data = nullptr
DWARFDebugInfoEntry::collection m_die_array
llvm::sys::RWMutex m_die_array_mutex
llvm::sys::RWMutex m_die_array_scoped_mutex
std::atomic< bool > m_cancel_scopes
DWARFDebugInfoEntry m_first_die
llvm::sys::RWMutex m_first_die_mutex
std::unique_ptr< DWARFDebugArangesm_func_aranges_up
dw_addr_t m_base_addr = 0
dw_offset_t m_length = 0
uint16_t m_version = 0
uint8_t m_addr_size = 0
uint8_t m_unit_type = 0
uint64_t m_dwo_id = 0
DWARFProducer m_producer = eProducerInvalid
uint32_t m_producer_version_major = 0
uint32_t m_producer_version_minor = 0
uint32_t m_producer_version_update = 0
lldb::LanguageType m_language_type = lldb::eLanguageTypeUnknown
lldb_private::LazyBool m_is_optimized = lldb_private::eLazyBoolCalculate
llvm::Optional< lldb_private::FileSpecm_comp_dir
dw_addr_t m_addr_base = 0
dw_addr_t m_ranges_base = 0
dw_offset_t m_base_obj_offset = DW_INVALID_OFFSET
dw_offset_t m_str_offsets_base = 0
dw_offset_t m_offset
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::UserID
lldb::user_id_t m_uid
 The user ID that uniquely identifies an object. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file DWARFCompileUnit.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dump()

void DWARFCompileUnit::Dump ( lldb_private::Stream s) const

Implements DWARFUnit.

Definition at line 83 of file DWARFCompileUnit.cpp.

References lldb_private::Stream::Printf().

◆ extract()

llvm::Expected< DWARFUnitSP > DWARFCompileUnit::extract ( SymbolFileDWARF dwarf2Data,
lldb::user_id_t  uid,
const lldb_private::DWARFDataExtractor debug_info,
lldb::offset_t offset_ptr 

◆ GetData()

const lldb_private::DWARFDataExtractor & DWARFCompileUnit::GetData ( ) const

Get the data that contains the DIE information for this unit.

The correct data (.debug_types for DWARF 4 and earlier, and .debug_info for DWARF 5 and later) for the DIE information in this unit.

Implements DWARFUnit.

Definition at line 109 of file DWARFCompileUnit.cpp.

◆ GetHeaderByteSize()

uint32_t DWARFCompileUnit::GetHeaderByteSize ( ) const

Get the size in bytes of the header.

Byte size of the compile unit header

Implements DWARFUnit.

Definition at line 91 of file DWARFCompileUnit.cpp.

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