Package lldb :: Class SBTypeFilter
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Class SBTypeFilter

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Represents a filter that can be associated to one or more types.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__repr__(self) source code
__init__(self, *args)
__init__(lldb::SBTypeFilter self) -> SBTypeFilter __init__(lldb::SBTypeFilter self, uint32_t options) -> SBTypeFilter __init__(lldb::SBTypeFilter self, SBTypeFilter rhs) -> SBTypeFilter
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IsValid(SBTypeFilter self) -> bool
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__nonzero__(self) source code
__bool__(self) source code
IsEqualTo(self, *args)
IsEqualTo(SBTypeFilter self, SBTypeFilter rhs) -> bool
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GetNumberOfExpressionPaths(SBTypeFilter self) -> uint32_t
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GetExpressionPathAtIndex(self, *args)
GetExpressionPathAtIndex(SBTypeFilter self, uint32_t i) -> char const *
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ReplaceExpressionPathAtIndex(self, *args)
ReplaceExpressionPathAtIndex(SBTypeFilter self, uint32_t i, char const * item) -> bool
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AppendExpressionPath(self, *args)
AppendExpressionPath(SBTypeFilter self, char const * item)
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Clear(SBTypeFilter self)
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GetOptions(SBTypeFilter self) -> uint32_t
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SetOptions(self, *args)
SetOptions(SBTypeFilter self, uint32_t arg2)
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GetDescription(self, *args)
GetDescription(SBTypeFilter self, SBStream description, lldb::DescriptionLevel description_level) -> bool
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__str__(SBTypeFilter self) -> PyObject *
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__eq__(self, rhs) source code
__ne__(self, rhs) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  __swig_setmethods__ = {}
  __setattr__ = lambda self, name, value:
  __swig_getmethods__ = {}
  __getattr__ = lambda self, name:
  __swig_destroy__ = _lldb.delete_SBTypeFilter
  __del__ = lambda self: