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TraceIntelPTGDBRemotePackets.h File Reference
#include "lldb/Utility/TraceGDBRemotePackets.h"
#include "llvm/Support/JSON.h"
#include <chrono>
#include <optional>

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struct  lldb_private::IntelPTDataKinds
struct  lldb_private::TraceIntelPTStartRequest
 jLLDBTraceStart gdb-remote packet More...
struct  lldb_private::JSONUINT64
 Helper structure to help parse long numbers that can't be easily represented by a JSON number that is compatible with Javascript (52 bits) or that can also be represented as hex. More...
struct  lldb_private::LinuxPerfZeroTscConversion
 jLLDBTraceGetState gdb-remote packet More...
struct  lldb_private::TraceIntelPTGetStateResponse


namespace  lldb_private
 A class that represents a running process on the host machine.


bool lldb_private::fromJSON (const llvm::json::Value &value, TraceIntelPTStartRequest &packet, llvm::json::Path path)
llvm::json::Value lldb_private::toJSON (const TraceIntelPTStartRequest &packet)
llvm::json::Value lldb_private::toJSON (const JSONUINT64 &uint64, bool hex)
bool lldb_private::fromJSON (const llvm::json::Value &value, JSONUINT64 &uint64, llvm::json::Path path)
bool lldb_private::fromJSON (const llvm::json::Value &value, LinuxPerfZeroTscConversion &packet, llvm::json::Path path)
llvm::json::Value lldb_private::toJSON (const LinuxPerfZeroTscConversion &packet)
bool lldb_private::fromJSON (const llvm::json::Value &value, TraceIntelPTGetStateResponse &packet, llvm::json::Path path)
llvm::json::Value lldb_private::toJSON (const TraceIntelPTGetStateResponse &packet)