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lldb_private::NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64::DREG Struct Reference

Debug register info for hardware breakpoints and watchpoints management. More...

#include <NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64.h>

Public Attributes

lldb::addr_t address
lldb::addr_t hit_addr
lldb::addr_t real_addr
uint32_t control

Detailed Description

Debug register info for hardware breakpoints and watchpoints management.

Watchpoints: For a user requested size 4 at addr 0x1004, where BAS watchpoints are at doubleword (8-byte) alignment. real_addr is 0x1004 address is 0x1000 size is 8 If a one-byte write to 0x1006 is the most recent watchpoint trap, hit_addr is 0x1006

Definition at line 66 of file NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ address

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64::DREG::address

Definition at line 67 of file NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64.h.

◆ control

uint32_t lldb_private::NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64::DREG::control

Definition at line 71 of file NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64.h.

◆ hit_addr

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64::DREG::hit_addr

Definition at line 68 of file NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64.h.

◆ real_addr

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64::DREG::real_addr

Definition at line 70 of file NativeRegisterContextDBReg_arm64.h.

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