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Class SBBroadcaster

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Represents an entity which can broadcast events. A default broadcaster is
associated with an SBCommandInterpreter, SBProcess, and SBTarget.  For
example, use

    broadcaster = process.GetBroadcaster()

to retrieve the process's broadcaster.

See also SBEvent for example usage of interacting with a broadcaster.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__repr__(self) source code
__init__(self, *args)
__init__(lldb::SBBroadcaster self) -> SBBroadcaster __init__(lldb::SBBroadcaster self, char const * name) -> SBBroadcaster __init__(lldb::SBBroadcaster self, SBBroadcaster rhs) -> SBBroadcaster
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IsValid(SBBroadcaster self) -> bool
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__nonzero__(self) source code
__bool__(self) source code
Clear(SBBroadcaster self)
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BroadcastEventByType(self, *args)
BroadcastEventByType(SBBroadcaster self, uint32_t event_type, bool unique=False) BroadcastEventByType(SBBroadcaster self, uint32_t event_type)
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BroadcastEvent(self, *args)
BroadcastEvent(SBBroadcaster self, SBEvent event, bool unique=False) BroadcastEvent(SBBroadcaster self, SBEvent event)
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AddInitialEventsToListener(self, *args)
AddInitialEventsToListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener, uint32_t requested_events)
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AddListener(self, *args)
AddListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener, uint32_t event_mask) -> uint32_t
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GetName(SBBroadcaster self) -> char const *
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EventTypeHasListeners(self, *args)
EventTypeHasListeners(SBBroadcaster self, uint32_t event_type) -> bool
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RemoveListener(self, *args)
RemoveListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener, uint32_t event_mask=4294967295U) -> bool RemoveListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener) -> bool
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__eq__(self, rhs) source code
__ne__(self, rhs) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  __swig_setmethods__ = {}
  __setattr__ = lambda self, name, value:
  __swig_getmethods__ = {}
  __getattr__ = lambda self, name:
  __swig_destroy__ = _lldb.delete_SBBroadcaster
  __del__ = lambda self: