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Class SBSymbolContext

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A context object that provides access to core debugger entities.

Many debugger functions require a context when doing lookups. This class
provides a common structure that can be used as the result of a query that
can contain a single result.

For example,

        exe = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'a.out')

        # Create a target for the debugger.
        target = self.dbg.CreateTarget(exe)

        # Now create a breakpoint on main.c by name 'c'.
        breakpoint = target.BreakpointCreateByName('c', 'a.out')

        # Now launch the process, and do not stop at entry point.
        process = target.LaunchSimple(None, None, os.getcwd())

        # The inferior should stop on 'c'.
        from lldbutil import get_stopped_thread
        thread = get_stopped_thread(process, lldb.eStopReasonBreakpoint)
        frame0 = thread.GetFrameAtIndex(0)

        # Now get the SBSymbolContext from this frame.  We want everything. :-)
        context = frame0.GetSymbolContext(lldb.eSymbolContextEverything)

        # Get the module.
        module = context.GetModule()

        # And the compile unit associated with the frame.
        compileUnit = context.GetCompileUnit()

Instance Methods [hide private]
__repr__(self) source code
__init__(self, *args)
__init__(lldb::SBSymbolContext self) -> SBSymbolContext __init__(lldb::SBSymbolContext self, SBSymbolContext rhs) -> SBSymbolContext
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IsValid(SBSymbolContext self) -> bool
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__nonzero__(self) source code
__bool__(self) source code
GetModule(SBSymbolContext self) -> SBModule
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GetCompileUnit(SBSymbolContext self) -> SBCompileUnit
source code
GetFunction(SBSymbolContext self) -> SBFunction
source code
GetBlock(SBSymbolContext self) -> SBBlock
source code
GetLineEntry(SBSymbolContext self) -> SBLineEntry
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GetSymbol(SBSymbolContext self) -> SBSymbol
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SetModule(self, *args)
SetModule(SBSymbolContext self, SBModule module)
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SetCompileUnit(self, *args)
SetCompileUnit(SBSymbolContext self, SBCompileUnit compile_unit)
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SetFunction(self, *args)
SetFunction(SBSymbolContext self, SBFunction function)
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SetBlock(self, *args)
SetBlock(SBSymbolContext self, SBBlock block)
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SetLineEntry(self, *args)
SetLineEntry(SBSymbolContext self, SBLineEntry line_entry)
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SetSymbol(self, *args)
SetSymbol(SBSymbolContext self, SBSymbol symbol)
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GetParentOfInlinedScope(self, *args)
GetParentOfInlinedScope(SBSymbolContext self, SBAddress curr_frame_pc, SBAddress parent_frame_addr) -> SBSymbolContext
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GetDescription(self, *args)
GetDescription(SBSymbolContext self, SBStream description) -> bool
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__str__(SBSymbolContext self) -> PyObject *
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Class Variables [hide private]
  __swig_setmethods__ = {}
  __setattr__ = lambda self, name, value:
  __swig_getmethods__ = {}
  __getattr__ = lambda self, name:
  __swig_destroy__ = _lldb.delete_SBSymbolContext
  __del__ = lambda self: