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HostInfo Class Reference

A class that provides host computer information. More...

#include "lldb/Host/HostThread.h"

Detailed Description

A class that provides host computer information.

A class that represents a thread running inside of a process on the local machine.

HostInfo is a class that answers information about the host operating system. Note that HostInfo is NOT intended to be used to manipulate or control the operating system.

HostInfo is implemented in an OS-specific class (for example HostInfoWindows) in a separate file, and then typedefed to HostInfo here. Users of the class reference it as HostInfo::method().

Not all hosts provide the same functionality. It is important that methods only be implemented at the lowest level at which they make sense. It should be up to the clients of the class to ensure that they not attempt to call a method which doesn't make sense for a particular platform. For example, when implementing a method that only makes sense on a posix-compliant system, implement it on HostInfoPosix, and not on HostInfoBase with a default implementation. This way, users of HostInfo are required to think about the implications of calling a particular method and if used in a context where the method doesn't make sense, will generate a compiler error.

HostThread allows querying and manipulation of threads running on the host machine.

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