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lldb_private::Cloneable< Derived, Base > Class Template Reference

A class that implements CRTP-based "virtual constructor" idiom. More...

#include "lldb/Utility/Cloneable.h"

Inheritance diagram for lldb_private::Cloneable< Derived, Base >:
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Public Member Functions

std::shared_ptr< typename Base::TopmostBase > Clone () const override

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived, typename Base>
class lldb_private::Cloneable< Derived, Base >

A class that implements CRTP-based "virtual constructor" idiom.


class Base {
using TopmostBase = Base;
virtual std::shared_ptr<Base> Clone() const = 0;

To define a class derived from the Base with overridden Clone:

class Intermediate : public Cloneable<Intermediate, Base> {};
A class that implements CRTP-based "virtual constructor" idiom.
Definition: Cloneable.h:40

To define a class at the next level of inheritance with overridden Clone:

class Derived : public Cloneable<Derived, Intermediate> {};

Definition at line 40 of file Cloneable.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

template<typename Derived , typename Base >
std::shared_ptr< typename Base::TopmostBase > lldb_private::Cloneable< Derived, Base >::Clone ( ) const

Definition at line 44 of file Cloneable.h.

Referenced by lldb_private::OptionValueFileSpecList::Clone().

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