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lldb_private::Symbols Class Reference

#include <LocateSymbolFile.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static ModuleSpec LocateExecutableObjectFile (const ModuleSpec &module_spec)
static FileSpec LocateExecutableSymbolFile (const ModuleSpec &module_spec, const FileSpecList &default_search_paths)
static FileSpec FindSymbolFileInBundle (const FileSpec &dsym_bundle_fspec, const lldb_private::UUID *uuid, const ArchSpec *arch)
static bool DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile (ModuleSpec &module_spec, Status &error, bool force_lookup=true, bool copy_executable=true)
static void DownloadSymbolFileAsync (const UUID &uuid)
 Locate the symbol file for the given UUID on a background thread.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file LocateSymbolFile.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile()

bool Symbols::DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile ( ModuleSpec module_spec,
Status error,
bool  force_lookup = true,
bool  copy_executable = true 

◆ DownloadSymbolFileAsync()

void Symbols::DownloadSymbolFileAsync ( const UUID uuid)

Locate the symbol file for the given UUID on a background thread.

This function returns immediately. Under the hood it uses the debugger's thread pool to call DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile. If a symbol file is found, this will notify all target which contain the module with the given UUID.

Definition at line 403 of file LocateSymbolFile.cpp.

References DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile(), error(), lldb_private::ModuleList::GetGlobalModuleListProperties(), lldb_private::Debugger::GetThreadPool(), lldb_private::ModuleSpec::GetUUID(), and lldb_private::Debugger::ReportSymbolChange().

Referenced by lldb_private::Module::GetUnwindTable().

◆ FindSymbolFileInBundle()

FileSpec Symbols::FindSymbolFileInBundle ( const FileSpec dsym_bundle_fspec,
const lldb_private::UUID uuid,
const ArchSpec arch 

◆ LocateExecutableObjectFile()

ModuleSpec Symbols::LocateExecutableObjectFile ( const ModuleSpec module_spec)

◆ LocateExecutableSymbolFile()

FileSpec Symbols::LocateExecutableSymbolFile ( const ModuleSpec module_spec,
const FileSpecList &  default_search_paths 

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