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lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord Class Reference

#include <BreakpadRecords.h>

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Public Types

enum class  FrameType : uint8_t { FPO = 0 , FrameData = 4 }
- Public Types inherited from lldb_private::breakpad::Record
enum  Kind {
  Module , Info , File , Func ,
  Inline , InlineOrigin , Line , Public ,
  StackCFI , StackWin

Public Member Functions

 StackWinRecord (lldb::addr_t RVA, lldb::addr_t CodeSize, lldb::addr_t ParameterSize, lldb::addr_t SavedRegisterSize, lldb::addr_t LocalSize, llvm::StringRef ProgramString)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::breakpad::Record
Kind getKind ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::optional< StackWinRecordparse (llvm::StringRef Line)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::breakpad::Record
static std::optional< Kindclassify (llvm::StringRef Line)
 Attempt to guess the kind of the record present in the argument without doing a full parse.

Public Attributes

lldb::addr_t RVA
lldb::addr_t CodeSize
lldb::addr_t ParameterSize
lldb::addr_t SavedRegisterSize
lldb::addr_t LocalSize
llvm::StringRef ProgramString

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::breakpad::Record
 Record (Kind K)
 ~Record ()=default

Detailed Description

Definition at line 209 of file BreakpadRecords.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ FrameType


Definition at line 220 of file BreakpadRecords.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StackWinRecord()

lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::StackWinRecord ( lldb::addr_t  RVA,
lldb::addr_t  CodeSize,
lldb::addr_t  ParameterSize,
lldb::addr_t  SavedRegisterSize,
lldb::addr_t  LocalSize,
llvm::StringRef  ProgramString 

Definition at line 213 of file BreakpadRecords.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse()

std::optional< StackWinRecord > StackWinRecord::parse ( llvm::StringRef  Line)

Member Data Documentation

◆ CodeSize

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::CodeSize

◆ LocalSize

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::LocalSize

◆ ParameterSize

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::ParameterSize

◆ ProgramString

llvm::StringRef lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::ProgramString


lldb::addr_t lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::RVA

◆ SavedRegisterSize

lldb::addr_t lldb_private::breakpad::StackWinRecord::SavedRegisterSize

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