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lldb_private::repro Namespace Reference


class  AbstractRecorder
 The recorder is a small object handed out by a provider to record data. More...
class  CommandProvider
class  DataRecorder
 Recorder that records its data as text to a file. More...
class  DirectoryProvider
 Abstract provider to storing directory paths. More...
class  FileProvider
class  GDBRemoteProvider
class  Generator
 The generator is responsible for the logic needed to generate a reproducer. More...
class  HomeDirectoryProvider
 Provider for the home directory. More...
class  Loader
class  MultiLoader
 Loader for data captured with the MultiProvider. More...
class  MultiProvider
 The MultiProvider is a provider that hands out recorder which can be used to capture data for different instances of the same object. More...
class  PacketRecorder
class  ProcessInfoProvider
class  ProcessInfoRecorder
class  Provider
class  ProviderBase
 The provider defines an interface for generating files needed for reproducing. More...
struct  ReplayOptions
class  Reproducer
 The reproducer enables clients to obtain access to the Generator and Loader. More...
class  SymbolFileLoader
class  SymbolFileProvider
 Provider for mapping UUIDs to symbol and executable files. More...
class  VersionProvider
 Provider for the LLDB version number. More...
class  WorkingDirectoryProvider
 Provider for the current working directory. More...
class  YamlRecorder
 Recorder that records its data as YAML to a file. More...


enum  ReproducerMode { ReproducerMode::Capture, ReproducerMode::Off }


llvm::Optional< ProcessInstanceInfoListGetReplayProcessInstanceInfoList ()
template<typename T >
llvm::Expected< std::stringGetDirectoryFrom (repro::Loader *loader)
 Helper to read directories written by the DirectoryProvider. More...

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◆ ReproducerMode


Definition at line 30 of file Reproducer.h.

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◆ GetDirectoryFrom()

template<typename T >
llvm::Expected<std::string> lldb_private::repro::GetDirectoryFrom ( repro::Loader loader)

Helper to read directories written by the DirectoryProvider.

Definition at line 390 of file ReproducerProvider.h.

References lldb_private::repro::Loader::LoadBuffer(), and string().

◆ GetReplayProcessInstanceInfoList()

llvm::Optional< ProcessInstanceInfoList > lldb_private::repro::GetReplayProcessInstanceInfoList ( )