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lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket Struct Reference

GDB remote packet as used by the GDB remote communication history. More...

#include <GDBRemote.h>


struct  BinaryData

Public Types

enum  Type { ePacketTypeInvalid = 0 , ePacketTypeSend , ePacketTypeRecv }

Public Member Functions

 GDBRemotePacket ()=default
void Clear ()
void Dump (Stream &strm) const

Public Attributes

BinaryData packet
Type type = ePacketTypeInvalid
uint32_t bytes_transmitted = 0
uint32_t packet_idx = 0
lldb::tid_t tid = LLDB_INVALID_THREAD_ID

Private Member Functions

llvm::StringRef GetTypeStr () const

Detailed Description

GDB remote packet as used by the GDB remote communication history.

Packets can be serialized to file.

Definition at line 50 of file GDBRemote.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Type


Definition at line 52 of file GDBRemote.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GDBRemotePacket()

lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::GDBRemotePacket ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::Clear ( )

◆ Dump()

void GDBRemotePacket::Dump ( Stream strm) const

◆ GetTypeStr()

llvm::StringRef GDBRemotePacket::GetTypeStr ( ) const

Definition at line 48 of file GDBRemote.cpp.

References ePacketTypeInvalid, ePacketTypeRecv, ePacketTypeSend, and type.

Referenced by Dump().

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_transmitted

uint32_t lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::bytes_transmitted = 0

◆ packet

BinaryData lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::packet

◆ packet_idx

uint32_t lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::packet_idx = 0

◆ tid

lldb::tid_t lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::tid = LLDB_INVALID_THREAD_ID

◆ type

Type lldb_private::GDBRemotePacket::type = ePacketTypeInvalid

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