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lldb_private::TraceGetBinaryDataRequest Struct Reference

jLLDBTraceGetBinaryData gdb-remote packet More...

#include <TraceGDBRemotePackets.h>

Public Attributes

std::string type
 Tracing technology name, e.g. intel-pt, arm-coresight.
std::string kind
 Identifier for the data.
std::optional< lldb::tid_ttid
 Optional tid if the data is related to a thread.
std::optional< lldb::cpu_id_tcpu_id
 Optional core id if the data is related to a cpu core.

Detailed Description

jLLDBTraceGetBinaryData gdb-remote packet

Definition at line 149 of file TraceGDBRemotePackets.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cpu_id

std::optional<lldb::cpu_id_t> lldb_private::TraceGetBinaryDataRequest::cpu_id

◆ kind

std::string lldb_private::TraceGetBinaryDataRequest::kind

◆ tid

std::optional<lldb::tid_t> lldb_private::TraceGetBinaryDataRequest::tid

◆ type

std::string lldb_private::TraceGetBinaryDataRequest::type

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