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1//===-- CompletionRequest.cpp ---------------------------------------------===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
11using namespace lldb;
12using namespace lldb_private;
14CompletionRequest::CompletionRequest(llvm::StringRef command_line,
15 unsigned raw_cursor_pos,
16 CompletionResult &result)
17 : m_command(command_line), m_raw_cursor_pos(raw_cursor_pos),
18 m_result(result) {
19 assert(raw_cursor_pos <= command_line.size() && "Out of bounds cursor?");
21 // We parse the argument up to the cursor, so the last argument in
22 // parsed_line is the one containing the cursor, and the cursor is after the
23 // last character.
24 llvm::StringRef partial_command(command_line.substr(0, raw_cursor_pos));
25 m_parsed_line = Args(partial_command);
27 if (GetParsedLine().GetArgumentCount() == 0) {
30 } else {
33 strlen(GetParsedLine().GetArgumentAtIndex(m_cursor_index));
34 }
36 // The cursor is after a space but the space is not part of the argument.
37 // Let's add an empty fake argument to the end to make sure the completion
38 // code. Note: The space could be part of the last argument when it's quoted.
39 if (partial_command.endswith(" ") &&
40 !GetCursorArgumentPrefix().endswith(" "))
46 // We build a unique key for this pair of completion:description. We
47 // prefix the key with the length of the completion string. This prevents
48 // that we could get any collisions from completions pairs such as these:
49 // "foo:", "bar" would be "foo:bar", but will now be: "4foo:bar"
50 // "foo", ":bar" would be "foo:bar", but will now be: "3foo:bar"
52 std::string result;
53 result.append(std::to_string(m_completion.size()));
54 result.append(m_completion);
55 result.append(std::to_string(static_cast<int>(m_mode)));
56 result.append(":");
57 result.append(m_descripton);
58 return result;
61void CompletionResult::AddResult(llvm::StringRef completion,
62 llvm::StringRef description,
63 CompletionMode mode) {
64 Completion r(completion, description, mode);
66 // Add the completion if we haven't seen the same value before.
67 if (m_added_values.insert(r.GetUniqueKey()).second)
68 m_results.push_back(r);
72 matches.Clear();
73 for (const Completion &completion : m_results)
74 matches.AppendString(completion.GetCompletion());
78 descriptions.Clear();
79 for (const Completion &completion : m_results)
80 descriptions.AppendString(completion.GetDescription());
A command line argument class.
Definition: Args.h:33
size_t GetArgumentCount() const
Gets the number of arguments left in this command object.
Definition: Args.h:116
size_t m_cursor_char_position
The cursor position in the argument indexed by m_cursor_index.
CompletionRequest(llvm::StringRef command_line, unsigned raw_cursor_pos, CompletionResult &result)
Constructs a completion request.
const Args & GetParsedLine() const
llvm::StringRef GetCursorArgumentPrefix() const
size_t m_cursor_index
The index of the argument in which the completion cursor is.
Args m_parsed_line
The command line parsed as arguments.
void AppendEmptyArgument()
Adds an empty argument at the end of the argument list and moves the cursor to this new argument.
A single completion and all associated data.
std::string m_descripton
The description that should be displayed to the user alongside the completion text.
std::string m_completion
The actual text that should be completed.
std::string GetUniqueKey() const
Generates a string that uniquely identifies this completion result.
std::vector< Completion > m_results
List of found completions.
void AddResult(llvm::StringRef completion, llvm::StringRef description, CompletionMode mode)
void GetDescriptions(StringList &descriptions) const
Adds all collected completion descriptions to the given list.
void GetMatches(StringList &matches) const
Adds all collected completion matches to the given list.
llvm::StringSet m_added_values
A set of the unique keys of all found completions so far.
void AppendString(const std::string &s)
Definition: StringList.cpp:43
A class that represents a running process on the host machine.
Definition: SBAttachInfo.h:14
Definition: SBAddress.h:15