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RegisterContextMach_i386 Class Reference

#include <RegisterContextMach_i386.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RegisterContextMach_i386 (lldb_private::Thread &thread, uint32_t concrete_frame_idx)
 ~RegisterContextMach_i386 () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from RegisterContextDarwin_i386
 RegisterContextDarwin_i386 (lldb_private::Thread &thread, uint32_t concrete_frame_idx)
 ~RegisterContextDarwin_i386 () override
void InvalidateAllRegisters () override
size_t GetRegisterCount () override
const lldb_private::RegisterInfoGetRegisterInfoAtIndex (size_t reg) override
size_t GetRegisterSetCount () override
const lldb_private::RegisterSetGetRegisterSet (size_t set) override
bool ReadRegister (const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *reg_info, lldb_private::RegisterValue &value) override
bool WriteRegister (const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *reg_info, const lldb_private::RegisterValue &value) override
bool ReadAllRegisterValues (lldb::WritableDataBufferSP &data_sp) override
bool WriteAllRegisterValues (const lldb::DataBufferSP &data_sp) override
uint32_t ConvertRegisterKindToRegisterNumber (lldb::RegisterKind kind, uint32_t num) override
 Convert from a given register numbering scheme to the lldb register numbering scheme.
bool HardwareSingleStep (bool enable) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::RegisterContext
 RegisterContext (Thread &thread, uint32_t concrete_frame_idx)
 ~RegisterContext () override
void InvalidateIfNeeded (bool force)
virtual void InvalidateAllRegisters ()=0
virtual size_t GetRegisterCount ()=0
virtual const RegisterInfoGetRegisterInfoAtIndex (size_t reg)=0
virtual size_t GetRegisterSetCount ()=0
virtual const RegisterSetGetRegisterSet (size_t reg_set)=0
virtual lldb::ByteOrder GetByteOrder ()
virtual bool ReadRegister (const RegisterInfo *reg_info, RegisterValue &reg_value)=0
virtual bool WriteRegister (const RegisterInfo *reg_info, const RegisterValue &reg_value)=0
virtual bool ReadAllRegisterValues (lldb::WritableDataBufferSP &data_sp)
virtual bool WriteAllRegisterValues (const lldb::DataBufferSP &data_sp)
virtual bool RegisterWriteCausesReconfigure (const llvm::StringRef name)
virtual bool ReconfigureRegisterInfo ()
virtual bool ReadAllRegisterValues (lldb_private::RegisterCheckpoint &reg_checkpoint)
virtual bool WriteAllRegisterValues (const lldb_private::RegisterCheckpoint &reg_checkpoint)
bool CopyFromRegisterContext (lldb::RegisterContextSP context)
virtual uint32_t ConvertRegisterKindToRegisterNumber (lldb::RegisterKind kind, uint32_t num)
 Convert from a given register numbering scheme to the lldb register numbering scheme.
virtual uint32_t NumSupportedHardwareBreakpoints ()
virtual uint32_t SetHardwareBreakpoint (lldb::addr_t addr, size_t size)
virtual bool ClearHardwareBreakpoint (uint32_t hw_idx)
virtual uint32_t NumSupportedHardwareWatchpoints ()
virtual uint32_t SetHardwareWatchpoint (lldb::addr_t addr, size_t size, bool read, bool write)
virtual bool ClearHardwareWatchpoint (uint32_t hw_index)
virtual bool HardwareSingleStep (bool enable)
virtual Status ReadRegisterValueFromMemory (const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *reg_info, lldb::addr_t src_addr, uint32_t src_len, RegisterValue &reg_value)
virtual Status WriteRegisterValueToMemory (const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *reg_info, lldb::addr_t dst_addr, uint32_t dst_len, const RegisterValue &reg_value)
virtual lldb::tid_t GetThreadID () const
virtual ThreadGetThread ()
const RegisterInfoGetRegisterInfoByName (llvm::StringRef reg_name, uint32_t start_idx=0)
const RegisterInfoGetRegisterInfo (lldb::RegisterKind reg_kind, uint32_t reg_num)
uint64_t GetPC (uint64_t fail_value=LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS)
uint64_t GetThreadPointer (uint64_t fail_value=LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS)
bool GetPCForSymbolication (Address &address)
 Get an address suitable for symbolication.
bool SetPC (uint64_t pc)
bool SetPC (Address addr)
uint64_t GetSP (uint64_t fail_value=LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS)
bool SetSP (uint64_t sp)
uint64_t GetFP (uint64_t fail_value=LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS)
bool SetFP (uint64_t fp)
const char * GetRegisterName (uint32_t reg)
uint64_t GetReturnAddress (uint64_t fail_value=LLDB_INVALID_ADDRESS)
uint64_t GetFlags (uint64_t fail_value=0)
uint64_t ReadRegisterAsUnsigned (uint32_t reg, uint64_t fail_value)
uint64_t ReadRegisterAsUnsigned (const RegisterInfo *reg_info, uint64_t fail_value)
bool WriteRegisterFromUnsigned (uint32_t reg, uint64_t uval)
bool WriteRegisterFromUnsigned (const RegisterInfo *reg_info, uint64_t uval)
bool ConvertBetweenRegisterKinds (lldb::RegisterKind source_rk, uint32_t source_regnum, lldb::RegisterKind target_rk, uint32_t &target_regnum)
lldb::TargetSP CalculateTarget () override
lldb::ProcessSP CalculateProcess () override
lldb::ThreadSP CalculateThread () override
lldb::StackFrameSP CalculateStackFrame () override
void CalculateExecutionContext (ExecutionContext &exe_ctx) override
 Reconstruct the object's execution context into sc.
uint32_t GetStopID () const
void SetStopID (uint32_t stop_id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ExecutionContextScope
virtual ~ExecutionContextScope ()=default
virtual lldb::TargetSP CalculateTarget ()=0
virtual lldb::ProcessSP CalculateProcess ()=0
virtual lldb::ThreadSP CalculateThread ()=0
virtual lldb::StackFrameSP CalculateStackFrame ()=0
virtual void CalculateExecutionContext (ExecutionContext &exe_ctx)=0
 Reconstruct the object's execution context into sc.

Protected Member Functions

int DoReadGPR (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, GPR &gpr) override
int DoReadFPU (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, FPU &fpu) override
int DoReadEXC (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, EXC &exc) override
int DoWriteGPR (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, const GPR &gpr) override
int DoWriteFPU (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, const FPU &fpu) override
int DoWriteEXC (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, const EXC &exc) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RegisterContextDarwin_i386
void InvalidateAllRegisterStates ()
int GetError (int flavor, uint32_t err_idx) const
bool SetError (int flavor, uint32_t err_idx, int err)
bool RegisterSetIsCached (int set) const
void LogGPR (lldb_private::Log *log, const char *title)
int ReadGPR (bool force)
int ReadFPU (bool force)
int ReadEXC (bool force)
int WriteGPR ()
int WriteFPU ()
int WriteEXC ()
virtual int DoReadGPR (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, GPR &gpr)=0
virtual int DoReadFPU (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, FPU &fpu)=0
virtual int DoReadEXC (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, EXC &exc)=0
virtual int DoWriteGPR (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, const GPR &gpr)=0
virtual int DoWriteFPU (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, const FPU &fpu)=0
virtual int DoWriteEXC (lldb::tid_t tid, int flavor, const EXC &exc)=0
int ReadRegisterSet (uint32_t set, bool force)
int WriteRegisterSet (uint32_t set)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::RegisterContext
virtual bool BehavesLikeZerothFrame () const
 Indicates that this frame is currently executing code, that the PC value is not a return-pc but an actual executing instruction.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from RegisterContextDarwin_i386
enum  { GPRRegSet = 1 , FPURegSet = 2 , EXCRegSet = 3 }
enum  { GPRWordCount = sizeof(GPR) / sizeof(uint32_t) , FPUWordCount = sizeof(FPU) / sizeof(uint32_t) , EXCWordCount = sizeof(EXC) / sizeof(uint32_t) }
enum  { Read = 0 , Write = 1 , kNumErrors = 2 }
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from RegisterContextDarwin_i386
static uint32_t GetRegisterNumber (uint32_t reg_kind, uint32_t reg_num)
static int GetSetForNativeRegNum (int reg_num)
static size_t GetRegisterInfosCount ()
static const lldb_private::RegisterInfoGetRegisterInfos ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from RegisterContextDarwin_i386
GPR gpr
FPU fpu
EXC exc
int gpr_errs [2]
int fpu_errs [2]
int exc_errs [2]
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::RegisterContext
uint32_t m_concrete_frame_idx
uint32_t m_stop_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file RegisterContextMach_i386.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RegisterContextMach_i386()

RegisterContextMach_i386::RegisterContextMach_i386 ( lldb_private::Thread thread,
uint32_t  concrete_frame_idx 

◆ ~RegisterContextMach_i386()

RegisterContextMach_i386::~RegisterContextMach_i386 ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ DoReadEXC()

int RegisterContextMach_i386::DoReadEXC ( lldb::tid_t  tid,
int  flavor,
EXC exc 

◆ DoReadFPU()

int RegisterContextMach_i386::DoReadFPU ( lldb::tid_t  tid,
int  flavor,
FPU fpu 

◆ DoReadGPR()

int RegisterContextMach_i386::DoReadGPR ( lldb::tid_t  tid,
int  flavor,
GPR gpr 

◆ DoWriteEXC()

int RegisterContextMach_i386::DoWriteEXC ( lldb::tid_t  tid,
int  flavor,
const EXC exc 

◆ DoWriteFPU()

int RegisterContextMach_i386::DoWriteFPU ( lldb::tid_t  tid,
int  flavor,
const FPU fpu 

◆ DoWriteGPR()

int RegisterContextMach_i386::DoWriteGPR ( lldb::tid_t  tid,
int  flavor,
const GPR gpr 

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