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TargetExperimentalOptionValueProperties Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TargetExperimentalOptionValueProperties ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::Cloneable< TargetExperimentalOptionValueProperties, OptionValueProperties >
std::shared_ptr< typename Base::TopmostBase > Clone () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::OptionValueProperties
 OptionValueProperties ()=default
 OptionValueProperties (ConstString name)
 ~OptionValueProperties () override=default
Type GetType () const override
void Clear () override
lldb::OptionValueSP DeepCopy (const lldb::OptionValueSP &new_parent) const override
Status SetValueFromString (llvm::StringRef value, VarSetOperationType op=eVarSetOperationAssign) override
void DumpValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, Stream &strm, uint32_t dump_mask) override
llvm::json::Value ToJSON (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx) override
ConstString GetName () const override
virtual Status DumpPropertyValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, Stream &strm, llvm::StringRef property_path, uint32_t dump_mask, bool is_json=false)
virtual void DumpAllDescriptions (CommandInterpreter &interpreter, Stream &strm) const
void Apropos (llvm::StringRef keyword, std::vector< const Property * > &matching_properties) const
void Initialize (const PropertyDefinitions &setting_definitions)
virtual uint32_t GetPropertyIndex (ConstString name) const
virtual const PropertyGetProperty (ConstString name, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
virtual const PropertyGetPropertyAtIndex (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
virtual const PropertyGetPropertyAtPath (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, llvm::StringRef property_path) const
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP GetPropertyValueAtIndex (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx) const
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP GetValueForKey (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, ConstString key) const
lldb::OptionValueSP GetSubValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, llvm::StringRef name, Status &error) const override
Status SetSubValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, VarSetOperationType op, llvm::StringRef path, llvm::StringRef value) override
bool GetPropertyAtIndexAsArgs (uint32_t idx, Args &args, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
bool SetPropertyAtIndexFromArgs (uint32_t idx, const Args &args, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr)
OptionValueDictionaryGetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueDictionary (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
OptionValueSInt64GetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueSInt64 (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
OptionValueUInt64GetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueUInt64 (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
OptionValueStringGetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueString (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
OptionValueFileSpecGetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueFileSpec (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
OptionValuePathMappingsGetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValuePathMappings (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
OptionValueFileSpecListGetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueFileSpecList (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
void AppendProperty (ConstString name, llvm::StringRef desc, bool is_global, const lldb::OptionValueSP &value_sp)
lldb::OptionValuePropertiesSP GetSubProperty (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, ConstString name)
void SetValueChangedCallback (uint32_t property_idx, std::function< void()> callback)
template<typename T >
auto GetPropertyAtIndexAs (uint32_t idx, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
template<typename T >
bool SetPropertyAtIndex (uint32_t idx, T t, const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx=nullptr) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::Cloneable< OptionValueProperties, OptionValue >
std::shared_ptr< typename Base::TopmostBase > Clone () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::OptionValue
 OptionValue ()=default
virtual ~OptionValue ()=default
virtual Type GetType () const =0
virtual bool ValueIsTransparent () const
virtual const char * GetTypeAsCString () const
virtual void DumpValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, Stream &strm, uint32_t dump_mask)=0
virtual llvm::json::Value ToJSON (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx)
virtual Status SetValueFromString (llvm::StringRef value, VarSetOperationType op=eVarSetOperationAssign)
virtual void Clear ()=0
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP DeepCopy (const lldb::OptionValueSP &new_parent) const
virtual void AutoComplete (CommandInterpreter &interpreter, CompletionRequest &request)
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP GetSubValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, llvm::StringRef name, Status &error) const
virtual Status SetSubValue (const ExecutionContext *exe_ctx, VarSetOperationType op, llvm::StringRef name, llvm::StringRef value)
virtual bool IsAggregateValue () const
virtual ConstString GetName () const
virtual bool DumpQualifiedName (Stream &strm) const
uint32_t GetTypeAsMask ()
OptionValueArchGetAsArch ()
const OptionValueArchGetAsArch () const
OptionValueArrayGetAsArray ()
const OptionValueArrayGetAsArray () const
OptionValueArgsGetAsArgs ()
const OptionValueArgsGetAsArgs () const
OptionValueBooleanGetAsBoolean ()
const OptionValueBooleanGetAsBoolean () const
OptionValueCharGetAsChar ()
const OptionValueCharGetAsChar () const
OptionValueDictionaryGetAsDictionary ()
const OptionValueDictionaryGetAsDictionary () const
OptionValueEnumerationGetAsEnumeration ()
const OptionValueEnumerationGetAsEnumeration () const
OptionValueFileSpecGetAsFileSpec ()
const OptionValueFileSpecGetAsFileSpec () const
OptionValueFileSpecListGetAsFileSpecList ()
const OptionValueFileSpecListGetAsFileSpecList () const
OptionValueFormatGetAsFormat ()
const OptionValueFormatGetAsFormat () const
OptionValueLanguageGetAsLanguage ()
const OptionValueLanguageGetAsLanguage () const
OptionValuePathMappingsGetAsPathMappings ()
const OptionValuePathMappingsGetAsPathMappings () const
OptionValuePropertiesGetAsProperties ()
const OptionValuePropertiesGetAsProperties () const
OptionValueRegexGetAsRegex ()
const OptionValueRegexGetAsRegex () const
OptionValueSInt64GetAsSInt64 ()
const OptionValueSInt64GetAsSInt64 () const
OptionValueStringGetAsString ()
const OptionValueStringGetAsString () const
OptionValueUInt64GetAsUInt64 ()
const OptionValueUInt64GetAsUInt64 () const
OptionValueUUIDGetAsUUID ()
const OptionValueUUIDGetAsUUID () const
OptionValueFormatEntityGetAsFormatEntity ()
const OptionValueFormatEntityGetAsFormatEntity () const
bool AppendFileSpecValue (FileSpec file_spec)
bool OptionWasSet () const
void SetOptionWasSet ()
void SetParent (const lldb::OptionValueSP &parent_sp)
lldb::OptionValueSP GetParent () const
void SetValueChangedCallback (std::function< void()> callback)
void NotifyValueChanged ()
template<typename T , std::enable_if_t<!std::is_pointer_v< T >, bool > = true>
std::optional< T > GetValueAs () const
template<typename T , typename U = typename std::remove_const< typename std::remove_pointer<T>::type>::type, std::enable_if_t< std::is_pointer_v< T >, bool > = true>
GetValueAs () const
bool SetValueAs (bool v)
bool SetValueAs (char v)
bool SetValueAs (uint64_t v)
bool SetValueAs (int64_t v)
bool SetValueAs (UUID v)
bool SetValueAs (llvm::StringRef v)
bool SetValueAs (lldb::LanguageType v)
bool SetValueAs (lldb::Format v)
bool SetValueAs (FileSpec v)
bool SetValueAs (ArchSpec v)
template<typename T , std::enable_if_t< std::is_enum_v< T >, bool > = true>
bool SetValueAs (T t)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from lldb_private::OptionValue
enum  Type {
  eTypeInvalid = 0 , eTypeArch , eTypeArgs , eTypeArray ,
  eTypeBoolean , eTypeChar , eTypeDictionary , eTypeEnum ,
  eTypeFileLineColumn , eTypeFileSpec , eTypeFileSpecList , eTypeFormat ,
  eTypeLanguage , eTypePathMap , eTypeProperties , eTypeRegex ,
  eTypeSInt64 , eTypeString , eTypeUInt64 , eTypeUUID ,
enum  {
  eDumpOptionName = (1u << 0) , eDumpOptionType = (1u << 1) , eDumpOptionValue = (1u << 2) , eDumpOptionDescription = (1u << 3) ,
  eDumpOptionRaw = (1u << 4) , eDumpOptionCommand = (1u << 5) , eDumpGroupValue = (eDumpOptionName | eDumpOptionType | eDumpOptionValue) , eDumpGroupHelp ,
  eDumpGroupExport = (eDumpOptionCommand | eDumpOptionName | eDumpOptionValue)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::OptionValueProperties
static lldb::OptionValuePropertiesSP CreateLocalCopy (const Properties &global_properties)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::OptionValue
static const char * GetBuiltinTypeAsCString (Type t)
static uint32_t ConvertTypeToMask (OptionValue::Type type)
static OptionValue::Type ConvertTypeMaskToType (uint32_t type_mask)
static lldb::OptionValueSP CreateValueFromCStringForTypeMask (const char *value_cstr, uint32_t type_mask, Status &error)
- Protected Types inherited from lldb_private::OptionValueProperties
typedef UniqueCStringMap< size_t > NameToIndex
- Protected Types inherited from lldb_private::OptionValue
using TopmostBase = OptionValue
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::OptionValueProperties
PropertyProtectedGetPropertyAtIndex (uint32_t idx)
const PropertyProtectedGetPropertyAtIndex (uint32_t idx) const
virtual lldb::OptionValueSP Clone () const =0
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::OptionValueProperties
ConstString m_name
std::vector< Propertym_properties
NameToIndex m_name_to_index
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::OptionValue
lldb::OptionValueWP m_parent_wp
std::function< void()> m_callback
bool m_value_was_set = false

Detailed Description

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◆ TargetExperimentalOptionValueProperties()

TargetExperimentalOptionValueProperties::TargetExperimentalOptionValueProperties ( )

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