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lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions Class Reference

#include <CommandInterpreter.h>

Public Member Functions

 CommandInterpreterRunOptions (LazyBool stop_on_continue, LazyBool stop_on_error, LazyBool stop_on_crash, LazyBool echo_commands, LazyBool echo_comments, LazyBool print_results, LazyBool print_errors, LazyBool add_to_history)
 Construct a CommandInterpreterRunOptions object.
 CommandInterpreterRunOptions ()=default
void SetSilent (bool silent)
bool GetStopOnContinue () const
void SetStopOnContinue (bool stop_on_continue)
bool GetStopOnError () const
void SetStopOnError (bool stop_on_error)
bool GetStopOnCrash () const
void SetStopOnCrash (bool stop_on_crash)
bool GetEchoCommands () const
void SetEchoCommands (bool echo_commands)
bool GetEchoCommentCommands () const
void SetEchoCommentCommands (bool echo_comments)
bool GetPrintResults () const
void SetPrintResults (bool print_results)
bool GetPrintErrors () const
void SetPrintErrors (bool print_errors)
bool GetAddToHistory () const
void SetAddToHistory (bool add_to_history)
bool GetAutoHandleEvents () const
void SetAutoHandleEvents (bool auto_handle_events)
bool GetSpawnThread () const
void SetSpawnThread (bool spawn_thread)

Public Attributes

LazyBool m_stop_on_continue = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_stop_on_error = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_stop_on_crash = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_echo_commands = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_echo_comment_commands = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_print_results = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_print_errors = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_add_to_history = eLazyBoolCalculate
LazyBool m_auto_handle_events
LazyBool m_spawn_thread

Static Private Member Functions

static bool DefaultToYes (LazyBool flag)
static bool DefaultToNo (LazyBool flag)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file CommandInterpreter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CommandInterpreterRunOptions() [1/2]

lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::CommandInterpreterRunOptions ( LazyBool  stop_on_continue,
LazyBool  stop_on_error,
LazyBool  stop_on_crash,
LazyBool  echo_commands,
LazyBool  echo_comments,
LazyBool  print_results,
LazyBool  print_errors,
LazyBool  add_to_history 

Construct a CommandInterpreterRunOptions object.

This class is used to control all the instances where we run multiple commands, e.g. HandleCommands, HandleCommandsFromFile, RunCommandInterpreter.

The meanings of the options in this object are:

[in]stop_on_continueIf true, execution will end on the first command that causes the process in the execution context to continue. If false, we won't check the execution status.
[in]stop_on_errorIf true, execution will end on the first command that causes an error.
[in]stop_on_crashIf true, when a command causes the target to run, and the end of the run is a signal or exception, stop executing the commands.
[in]echo_commandsIf true, echo the command before executing it. If false, execute silently.
[in]echo_commentsIf true, echo command even if it is a pure comment line. If false, print no ouput in this case. This setting has an effect only if echo_commands is true.
[in]print_resultsIf true and the command succeeds, print the results of the command after executing it. If false, execute silently.
[in]print_errorsIf true and the command fails, print the results of the command after executing it. If false, execute silently.
[in]add_to_historyIf true add the commands to the command history. If false, don't add them.

Definition at line 95 of file CommandInterpreter.h.

◆ CommandInterpreterRunOptions() [2/2]

lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::CommandInterpreterRunOptions ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ DefaultToNo()

static bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::DefaultToNo ( LazyBool  flag)

◆ DefaultToYes()

static bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::DefaultToYes ( LazyBool  flag)

◆ GetAddToHistory()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetAddToHistory ( ) const

◆ GetAutoHandleEvents()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetAutoHandleEvents ( ) const

◆ GetEchoCommands()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetEchoCommands ( ) const

◆ GetEchoCommentCommands()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetEchoCommentCommands ( ) const

Definition at line 145 of file CommandInterpreter.h.

References DefaultToYes(), and m_echo_comment_commands.

◆ GetPrintErrors()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetPrintErrors ( ) const

Definition at line 159 of file CommandInterpreter.h.

References DefaultToYes(), and m_print_errors.

◆ GetPrintResults()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetPrintResults ( ) const

◆ GetSpawnThread()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetSpawnThread ( ) const

◆ GetStopOnContinue()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetStopOnContinue ( ) const

◆ GetStopOnCrash()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetStopOnCrash ( ) const

◆ GetStopOnError()

bool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::GetStopOnError ( ) const

◆ SetAddToHistory()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetAddToHistory ( bool  add_to_history)

◆ SetAutoHandleEvents()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetAutoHandleEvents ( bool  auto_handle_events)

◆ SetEchoCommands()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetEchoCommands ( bool  echo_commands)

◆ SetEchoCommentCommands()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetEchoCommentCommands ( bool  echo_comments)

◆ SetPrintErrors()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetPrintErrors ( bool  print_errors)

◆ SetPrintResults()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetPrintResults ( bool  print_results)

◆ SetSilent()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetSilent ( bool  silent)

◆ SetSpawnThread()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetSpawnThread ( bool  spawn_thread)

◆ SetStopOnContinue()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetStopOnContinue ( bool  stop_on_continue)

◆ SetStopOnCrash()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetStopOnCrash ( bool  stop_on_crash)

◆ SetStopOnError()

void lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::SetStopOnError ( bool  stop_on_error)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_add_to_history

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_add_to_history = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_auto_handle_events

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_auto_handle_events

Definition at line 193 of file CommandInterpreter.h.

Referenced by GetAutoHandleEvents(), and SetAutoHandleEvents().

◆ m_echo_commands

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_echo_commands = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_echo_comment_commands

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_echo_comment_commands = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_print_errors

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_print_errors = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_print_results

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_print_results = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_spawn_thread

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_spawn_thread

Definition at line 194 of file CommandInterpreter.h.

Referenced by GetSpawnThread(), and SetSpawnThread().

◆ m_stop_on_continue

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_stop_on_continue = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_stop_on_crash

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_stop_on_crash = eLazyBoolCalculate

◆ m_stop_on_error

LazyBool lldb_private::CommandInterpreterRunOptions::m_stop_on_error = eLazyBoolCalculate

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