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lldb_private::IOHandlerCursesGUI Class Reference

#include <IOHandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IOHandlerCursesGUI (Debugger &debugger)
 ~IOHandlerCursesGUI () override
void Run () override
void Cancel () override
bool Interrupt () override
void GotEOF () override
void Activate () override
void Deactivate () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::IOHandler
 IOHandler (Debugger &debugger, IOHandler::Type type)
 IOHandler (Debugger &debugger, IOHandler::Type type, const lldb::StreamFileSP &input_sp, const lldb::StreamFileSP &output_sp, const lldb::StreamFileSP &error_sp, uint32_t flags, repro::DataRecorder *data_recorder)
virtual ~IOHandler ()
virtual bool IsActive ()
virtual void SetIsDone (bool b)
virtual bool GetIsDone ()
Type GetType () const
virtual const char * GetPrompt ()
virtual bool SetPrompt (llvm::StringRef prompt)
bool SetPrompt (const char *)=delete
virtual ConstString GetControlSequence (char ch)
virtual const char * GetCommandPrefix ()
virtual const char * GetHelpPrologue ()
int GetInputFD ()
int GetOutputFD ()
int GetErrorFD ()
FILE * GetInputFILE ()
FILE * GetOutputFILE ()
FILE * GetErrorFILE ()
lldb::StreamFileSP & GetInputStreamFile ()
lldb::StreamFileSP & GetOutputStreamFile ()
lldb::StreamFileSP & GetErrorStreamFile ()
DebuggerGetDebugger ()
void * GetUserData ()
void SetUserData (void *user_data)
FlagsGetFlags ()
const FlagsGetFlags () const
bool GetIsInteractive ()
 Check if the input is being supplied interactively by a user. More...
bool GetIsRealTerminal ()
 Check if the input is coming from a real terminal. More...
void SetPopped (bool b)
void WaitForPop ()
virtual void PrintAsync (Stream *stream, const char *s, size_t len)

Protected Attributes

curses::ApplicationAP m_app_ap
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::IOHandler
lldb::StreamFileSP m_input_sp
lldb::StreamFileSP m_output_sp
lldb::StreamFileSP m_error_sp
Predicate< bool > m_popped
Flags m_flags
Type m_type
void * m_user_data
bool m_done
bool m_active

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from lldb_private::IOHandler
enum  Type {
  Type::CommandInterpreter, Type::CommandList, Type::Confirm, Type::Curses,
  Type::Expression, Type::REPL, Type::ProcessIO, Type::PythonInterpreter,
  Type::PythonCode, Type::Other

Detailed Description

Definition at line 466 of file IOHandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IOHandlerCursesGUI()

IOHandlerCursesGUI::IOHandlerCursesGUI ( Debugger debugger)

Definition at line 4499 of file IOHandler.cpp.

◆ ~IOHandlerCursesGUI()

IOHandlerCursesGUI::~IOHandlerCursesGUI ( )

Referenced by Run().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Activate()

void IOHandlerCursesGUI::Activate ( )

◆ Cancel()

void IOHandlerCursesGUI::Cancel ( )

Implements lldb_private::IOHandler.

Definition at line 4654 of file IOHandler.cpp.

◆ Deactivate()

void IOHandlerCursesGUI::Deactivate ( )

Reimplemented from lldb_private::IOHandler.

Definition at line 4645 of file IOHandler.cpp.

References m_app_ap.

◆ GotEOF()

void IOHandlerCursesGUI::GotEOF ( )

Implements lldb_private::IOHandler.

Definition at line 4658 of file IOHandler.cpp.

◆ Interrupt()

bool IOHandlerCursesGUI::Interrupt ( )

Implements lldb_private::IOHandler.

Definition at line 4656 of file IOHandler.cpp.

◆ Run()

void IOHandlerCursesGUI::Run ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_app_ap

curses::ApplicationAP lldb_private::IOHandlerCursesGUI::m_app_ap

Definition at line 485 of file IOHandler.h.

Referenced by Activate(), Deactivate(), and Run().

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