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lldb_private::ProgressEventData Class Reference

#include <DebuggerEvents.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ProgressEventData (uint64_t progress_id, const std::string &message, uint64_t completed, uint64_t total, bool debugger_specific)
ConstString GetFlavor () const override
void Dump (Stream *s) const override
uint64_t GetID () const
bool IsFinite () const
uint64_t GetCompleted () const
uint64_t GetTotal () const
const std::string & GetMessage () const
bool IsDebuggerSpecific () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::EventData
 EventData ()
virtual ~EventData ()
virtual ConstString GetFlavor () const =0
virtual LogGetLogChannel ()
virtual void Dump (Stream *s) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ConstString GetFlavorString ()
static const ProgressEventDataGetEventDataFromEvent (const Event *event_ptr)

Private Member Functions

 ProgressEventData (const ProgressEventData &)=delete
const ProgressEventDataoperator= (const ProgressEventData &)=delete

Private Attributes

std::string m_message
const uint64_t m_id
uint64_t m_completed
const uint64_t m_total
const bool m_debugger_specific

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProgressEventData() [1/2]

lldb_private::ProgressEventData::ProgressEventData ( uint64_t  progress_id,
const std::string &  message,
uint64_t  completed,
uint64_t  total,
bool  debugger_specific 

Definition at line 23 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

◆ ProgressEventData() [2/2]

lldb_private::ProgressEventData::ProgressEventData ( const ProgressEventData )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dump()

void ProgressEventData::Dump ( Stream s) const

◆ GetCompleted()

uint64_t lldb_private::ProgressEventData::GetCompleted ( ) const

Definition at line 37 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

References m_completed.

Referenced by lldb::SBDebugger::GetProgressFromEvent().

◆ GetEventDataFromEvent()

const ProgressEventData * ProgressEventData::GetEventDataFromEvent ( const Event event_ptr)

◆ GetFlavor()

ConstString ProgressEventData::GetFlavor ( ) const

Implements lldb_private::EventData.

Definition at line 31 of file DebuggerEvents.cpp.

References GetFlavorString().

◆ GetFlavorString()

ConstString ProgressEventData::GetFlavorString ( )

Definition at line 26 of file DebuggerEvents.cpp.

Referenced by GetFlavor().

◆ GetID()

uint64_t lldb_private::ProgressEventData::GetID ( ) const

Definition at line 35 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

References m_id.

Referenced by lldb::SBDebugger::GetProgressFromEvent().

◆ GetMessage()

const std::string & lldb_private::ProgressEventData::GetMessage ( ) const

Definition at line 39 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

References m_message.

Referenced by lldb::SBDebugger::GetProgressFromEvent().

◆ GetTotal()

uint64_t lldb_private::ProgressEventData::GetTotal ( ) const

Definition at line 38 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

References m_total.

Referenced by lldb::SBDebugger::GetProgressFromEvent().

◆ IsDebuggerSpecific()

bool lldb_private::ProgressEventData::IsDebuggerSpecific ( ) const

Definition at line 40 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

References m_debugger_specific.

Referenced by lldb::SBDebugger::GetProgressFromEvent().

◆ IsFinite()

bool lldb_private::ProgressEventData::IsFinite ( ) const

Definition at line 36 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

References m_total, and UINT64_MAX.

◆ operator=()

const ProgressEventData & lldb_private::ProgressEventData::operator= ( const ProgressEventData )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_completed

uint64_t lldb_private::ProgressEventData::m_completed

Definition at line 45 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

Referenced by Dump(), and GetCompleted().

◆ m_debugger_specific

const bool lldb_private::ProgressEventData::m_debugger_specific

Definition at line 47 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

Referenced by IsDebuggerSpecific().

◆ m_id

const uint64_t lldb_private::ProgressEventData::m_id

Definition at line 44 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

Referenced by Dump(), and GetID().

◆ m_message

std::string lldb_private::ProgressEventData::m_message

Definition at line 43 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

Referenced by Dump(), and GetMessage().

◆ m_total

const uint64_t lldb_private::ProgressEventData::m_total

Definition at line 46 of file DebuggerEvents.h.

Referenced by Dump(), GetTotal(), and IsFinite().

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