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1//===-- Progress.h ----------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
13#include "lldb/lldb-types.h"
14#include <atomic>
15#include <mutex>
16#include <optional>
18namespace lldb_private {
20/// A Progress indicator helper class.
22/// Any potentially long running sections of code in LLDB should report
23/// progress so that clients are aware of delays that might appear during
24/// debugging. Delays commonly include indexing debug information, parsing
25/// symbol tables for object files, downloading symbols from remote
26/// repositories, and many more things.
28/// The Progress class helps make sure that progress is correctly reported
29/// and will always send an initial progress update, updates when
30/// Progress::Increment() is called, and also will make sure that a progress
31/// completed update is reported even if the user doesn't explicitly cause one
32/// to be sent.
34/// The progress is reported via a callback whose type is ProgressCallback:
36/// typedef void (*ProgressCallback)(uint64_t progress_id,
37/// const char *message,
38/// uint64_t completed,
39/// uint64_t total,
40/// void *baton);
42/// This callback will always initially be called with "completed" set to zero
43/// and "total" set to the total amount specified in the contructor. This is
44/// considered the progress start event. As Progress::Increment() is called,
45/// the callback will be called as long as the Progress::m_completed has not
46/// yet exceeded the Progress::m_total. When the callback is called with
47/// Progress::m_completed == Progress::m_total, that is considered a progress
48/// completed event. If Progress::m_completed is non-zero and less than
49/// Progress::m_total, then this is considered a progress update event.
51/// This callback will be called in the destructor if Progress::m_completed is
52/// not equal to Progress::m_total with the "completed" set to
53/// Progress::m_total. This ensures we always send a progress completed update
54/// even if the user does not.
56class Progress {
58 /// Construct a progress object that will report information.
59 ///
60 /// The constructor will create a unique progress reporting object and
61 /// immediately send out a progress update by calling the installed callback
62 /// with completed set to zero out of the specified total.
63 ///
64 /// @param [in] title The title of this progress activity.
65 ///
66 /// @param [in] total The total units of work to be done if specified, if
67 /// set to UINT64_MAX then an indeterminate progress indicator should be
68 /// displayed.
69 ///
70 /// @param [in] debugger An optional debugger pointer to specify that this
71 /// progress is to be reported only to specific debuggers.
72 Progress(std::string title, uint64_t total = UINT64_MAX,
73 lldb_private::Debugger *debugger = nullptr);
75 /// Destroy the progress object.
76 ///
77 /// If the progress has not yet sent a completion update, the destructor
78 /// will send out a notification where the completed == m_total. This ensures
79 /// that we always send out a progress complete notification.
80 ~Progress();
82 /// Increment the progress and send a notification to the intalled callback.
83 ///
84 /// If incrementing ends up exceeding m_total, m_completed will be updated
85 /// to match m_total and no subsequent progress notifications will be sent.
86 /// If no total was specified in the constructor, this function will not do
87 /// anything nor send any progress updates.
88 ///
89 /// @param [in] amount The amount to increment m_completed by.
90 ///
91 /// @param [in] an optional message associated with this update.
92 void Increment(uint64_t amount = 1, std::string update = {});
95 void ReportProgress(std::string update = {});
96 static std::atomic<uint64_t> g_id;
97 /// The title of the progress activity.
98 std::string m_title;
99 std::mutex m_mutex;
100 /// A unique integer identifier for progress reporting.
101 const uint64_t m_id;
102 /// How much work ([0...m_total]) that has been completed.
103 uint64_t m_completed;
104 /// Total amount of work, UINT64_MAX for non deterministic progress.
105 const uint64_t m_total;
106 /// The optional debugger ID to report progress to. If this has no value then
107 /// all debuggers will receive this event.
108 std::optional<lldb::user_id_t> m_debugger_id;
109 /// Set to true when progress has been reported where m_completed == m_total
110 /// to ensure that we don't send progress updates after progress has
111 /// completed.
112 bool m_complete = false;
115} // namespace lldb_private
A class to manage flag bits.
Definition: Debugger.h:78
A Progress indicator helper class.
Definition: Progress.h:56
bool m_complete
Set to true when progress has been reported where m_completed == m_total to ensure that we don't send...
Definition: Progress.h:112
void Increment(uint64_t amount=1, std::string update={})
Increment the progress and send a notification to the intalled callback.
Definition: Progress.cpp:39
uint64_t m_completed
How much work ([0...m_total]) that has been completed.
Definition: Progress.h:103
static std::atomic< uint64_t > g_id
Definition: Progress.h:96
std::optional< lldb::user_id_t > m_debugger_id
The optional debugger ID to report progress to.
Definition: Progress.h:108
std::string m_title
The title of the progress activity.
Definition: Progress.h:98
std::mutex m_mutex
Definition: Progress.h:99
Destroy the progress object.
Definition: Progress.cpp:29
void ReportProgress(std::string update={})
Definition: Progress.cpp:52
const uint64_t m_id
A unique integer identifier for progress reporting.
Definition: Progress.h:101
const uint64_t m_total
Total amount of work, UINT64_MAX for non deterministic progress.
Definition: Progress.h:105
#define UINT64_MAX
Definition: lldb-defines.h:23
A class that represents a running process on the host machine.
Definition: SBAttachInfo.h:14