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lldb_private::StopInfoException Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StopInfoException (Thread &thread, const char *description)
 ~StopInfoException () override=default
StopReason GetStopReason () const override
const char * GetDescription () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::StopInfo
 StopInfo (Thread &thread, uint64_t value)
virtual ~StopInfo ()=default
bool IsValid () const
void SetThread (const lldb::ThreadSP &thread_sp)
lldb::ThreadSP GetThread () const
uint64_t GetValue () const
virtual lldb::StopReason GetStopReason () const =0
virtual bool ShouldStopSynchronous (Event *event_ptr)
void OverrideShouldNotify (bool override_value)
virtual bool ShouldNotify (Event *event_ptr)
virtual void WillResume (lldb::StateType resume_state)
virtual const char * GetDescription ()
virtual void SetDescription (const char *desc_cstr)
virtual bool IsValidForOperatingSystemThread (Thread &thread)
virtual bool WasContinueInterrupted (Thread &thread)
 A Continue operation can result in a false stop event before any execution has happened.
void OverrideShouldStop (bool override_value)
bool GetOverrideShouldStop ()
bool GetOverriddenShouldStopValue ()
StructuredData::ObjectSP GetExtendedInfo ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::StopInfo
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithBreakpointSiteID (Thread &thread, lldb::break_id_t break_id)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithBreakpointSiteID (Thread &thread, lldb::break_id_t break_id, bool should_stop)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithWatchpointID (Thread &thread, lldb::break_id_t watch_id, bool silently_continue=false)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithSignal (Thread &thread, int signo, const char *description=nullptr, std::optional< int > code=std::nullopt)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonToTrace (Thread &thread)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithPlan (lldb::ThreadPlanSP &plan, lldb::ValueObjectSP return_valobj_sp, lldb::ExpressionVariableSP expression_variable_sp)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithException (Thread &thread, const char *description)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonWithExec (Thread &thread)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonProcessorTrace (Thread &thread, const char *description)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonFork (Thread &thread, lldb::pid_t child_pid, lldb::tid_t child_tid)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonVFork (Thread &thread, lldb::pid_t child_pid, lldb::tid_t child_tid)
static lldb::StopInfoSP CreateStopReasonVForkDone (Thread &thread)
static lldb::ValueObjectSP GetReturnValueObject (lldb::StopInfoSP &stop_info_sp)
static lldb::ExpressionVariableSP GetExpressionVariable (lldb::StopInfoSP &stop_info_sp)
static lldb::ValueObjectSP GetCrashingDereference (lldb::StopInfoSP &stop_info_sp, lldb::addr_t *crashing_address=nullptr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::StopInfo
virtual void PerformAction (Event *event_ptr)
virtual bool DoShouldNotify (Event *event_ptr)
virtual bool ShouldStop (Event *event_ptr)
bool HasTargetRunSinceMe ()
void MakeStopInfoValid ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::StopInfo
lldb::ThreadWP m_thread_wp
uint32_t m_stop_id
uint32_t m_resume_id
uint64_t m_value
std::string m_description
LazyBool m_override_should_notify
LazyBool m_override_should_stop
StructuredData::ObjectSP m_extended_info

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1148 of file StopInfo.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StopInfoException()

lldb_private::StopInfoException::StopInfoException ( Thread thread,
const char *  description 

Definition at line 1150 of file StopInfo.cpp.

References lldb_private::StopInfo::SetDescription().

◆ ~StopInfoException()

lldb_private::StopInfoException::~StopInfoException ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDescription()

const char * lldb_private::StopInfoException::GetDescription ( )

Reimplemented from lldb_private::StopInfo.

Definition at line 1160 of file StopInfo.cpp.

References lldb_private::StopInfo::m_description.

◆ GetStopReason()

StopReason lldb_private::StopInfoException::GetStopReason ( ) const

Implements lldb_private::StopInfo.

Definition at line 1158 of file StopInfo.cpp.

References lldb::eStopReasonException.

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