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OptionGroupPlatform.cpp File Reference
#include "lldb/Interpreter/OptionGroupPlatform.h"
#include "lldb/Host/OptionParser.h"
#include "lldb/Interpreter/CommandInterpreter.h"
#include "lldb/Target/Platform.h"

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static constexpr OptionDefinition g_option_table []

Variable Documentation

◆ g_option_table

constexpr OptionDefinition g_option_table[]
Initial value:
= {
nullptr, {}, 0, eArgTypePlatform, "Specify name of the platform to "
"use for this target, creating the "
"platform if necessary."},
nullptr, {}, 0, eArgTypeNone,
"Specify the initial SDK version to use prior to connecting."},
nullptr, {}, 0, eArgTypeNone,
"Specify the initial SDK build number."},
nullptr, {}, 0, eArgTypeFilename, "Specify the SDK root directory "
"that contains a root of all "
"remote system files."}}
Definition: lldb-defines.h:110
@ eArgTypeFilename
@ eArgTypePlatform

Definition at line 71 of file OptionGroupPlatform.cpp.