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lldb_private::OptionDefinition Struct Reference

#include <OptionDefinition.h>

Public Member Functions

bool HasShortOption () const
 Whether this has a short option character.

Public Attributes

uint32_t usage_mask
 Used to mark options that can be used together.
bool required
 This option is required (in the current usage level).
const char * long_option
 Full name for this option.
int short_option
 Single character for this option.
int option_has_arg
 no_argument, required_argument or optional_argument
 If non-NULL, option is valid iff |validator->IsValid()|, otherwise always valid.
OptionEnumValues enum_values
 If not empty, an array of enum values.
uint32_t completion_type
 The kind of completion for this option.
lldb::CommandArgumentType argument_type
 Type of argument this option takes.
const char * usage_text
 Full text explaining what this options does and what (if any) argument to pass it.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file OptionDefinition.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ HasShortOption()

bool lldb_private::OptionDefinition::HasShortOption ( ) const

Whether this has a short option character.

Definition at line 50 of file OptionDefinition.h.

References short_option.

Referenced by lldb_private::Options::GenerateOptionUsage(), and PrintOption().

Member Data Documentation

◆ argument_type

lldb::CommandArgumentType lldb_private::OptionDefinition::argument_type

◆ completion_type

uint32_t lldb_private::OptionDefinition::completion_type

◆ enum_values

OptionEnumValues lldb_private::OptionDefinition::enum_values

◆ long_option

const char* lldb_private::OptionDefinition::long_option

◆ option_has_arg

int lldb_private::OptionDefinition::option_has_arg

◆ required

bool lldb_private::OptionDefinition::required

◆ short_option

int lldb_private::OptionDefinition::short_option

◆ usage_mask

uint32_t lldb_private::OptionDefinition::usage_mask

◆ usage_text

const char* lldb_private::OptionDefinition::usage_text

◆ validator

OptionValidator* lldb_private::OptionDefinition::validator

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