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lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression Class Reference

#include <CommandObjectExpression.h>

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class  CommandOptions

Public Member Functions

 CommandObjectExpression (CommandInterpreter &interpreter)
 ~CommandObjectExpression () override
OptionsGetOptions () override
void HandleCompletion (CompletionRequest &request) override
 This default version handles calling option argument completions and then calls HandleArgumentCompletion if the cursor is on an argument, not an option.
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::CommandObjectRaw
 CommandObjectRaw (CommandInterpreter &interpreter, llvm::StringRef name, llvm::StringRef help="", llvm::StringRef syntax="", uint32_t flags=0)
 ~CommandObjectRaw () override=default
void Execute (const char *args_string, CommandReturnObject &result) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::CommandObject
 CommandObject (CommandInterpreter &interpreter, llvm::StringRef name, llvm::StringRef help="", llvm::StringRef syntax="", uint32_t flags=0)
virtual ~CommandObject ()=default
CommandInterpreterGetCommandInterpreter ()
DebuggerGetDebugger ()
virtual llvm::StringRef GetHelp ()
virtual llvm::StringRef GetHelpLong ()
virtual llvm::StringRef GetSyntax ()
llvm::StringRef GetCommandName () const
virtual void SetHelp (llvm::StringRef str)
virtual void SetHelpLong (llvm::StringRef str)
void SetSyntax (llvm::StringRef str)
virtual bool IsRemovable () const
virtual bool IsMultiwordObject ()
bool IsUserCommand ()
void SetIsUserCommand (bool is_user)
virtual CommandObjectMultiwordGetAsMultiwordCommand ()
virtual bool IsAlias ()
virtual bool IsDashDashCommand ()
virtual lldb::CommandObjectSP GetSubcommandSP (llvm::StringRef sub_cmd, StringList *matches=nullptr)
virtual lldb::CommandObjectSP GetSubcommandSPExact (llvm::StringRef sub_cmd)
virtual CommandObjectGetSubcommandObject (llvm::StringRef sub_cmd, StringList *matches=nullptr)
void FormatLongHelpText (Stream &output_strm, llvm::StringRef long_help)
void GenerateHelpText (CommandReturnObject &result)
virtual void GenerateHelpText (Stream &result)
virtual bool LoadSubCommand (llvm::StringRef cmd_name, const lldb::CommandObjectSP &command_obj)
virtual llvm::Error LoadUserSubcommand (llvm::StringRef cmd_name, const lldb::CommandObjectSP &command_obj, bool can_replace)
virtual bool WantsRawCommandString ()=0
virtual bool WantsCompletion ()
virtual OptionsGetOptions ()
void AddSimpleArgumentList (lldb::CommandArgumentType arg_type, ArgumentRepetitionType repetition_type=eArgRepeatPlain)
void AddIDsArgumentData (IDType type)
int GetNumArgumentEntries ()
CommandArgumentEntryGetArgumentEntryAtIndex (int idx)
void GetFormattedCommandArguments (Stream &str, uint32_t opt_set_mask=LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL)
bool ParseOptions (Args &args, CommandReturnObject &result)
void SetCommandName (llvm::StringRef name)
virtual void HandleCompletion (CompletionRequest &request)
 This default version handles calling option argument completions and then calls HandleArgumentCompletion if the cursor is on an argument, not an option.
virtual void HandleArgumentCompletion (CompletionRequest &request, OptionElementVector &opt_element_vector)
 The default version handles argument definitions that have only one argument type, and use one of the argument types that have an entry in the CommonCompletions.
bool HelpTextContainsWord (llvm::StringRef search_word, bool search_short_help=true, bool search_long_help=true, bool search_syntax=true, bool search_options=true)
FlagsGetFlags ()
 The flags accessor.
const FlagsGetFlags () const
 The flags const accessor.
virtual std::optional< std::string > GetRepeatCommand (Args &current_command_args, uint32_t index)
 Get the command that appropriate for a "repeat" of the current command.
bool HasOverrideCallback () const
void SetOverrideCallback (lldb::CommandOverrideCallback callback, void *baton)
void SetOverrideCallback (lldb_private::CommandOverrideCallbackWithResult callback, void *baton)
bool InvokeOverrideCallback (const char **argv, CommandReturnObject &result)
virtual void Execute (const char *args_string, CommandReturnObject &result)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::IOHandlerDelegate
 IOHandlerDelegate (Completion completion=Completion::None)
virtual ~IOHandlerDelegate ()=default
virtual void IOHandlerActivated (IOHandler &io_handler, bool interactive)
virtual void IOHandlerDeactivated (IOHandler &io_handler)
virtual std::optional< std::string > IOHandlerSuggestion (IOHandler &io_handler, llvm::StringRef line)
virtual void IOHandlerComplete (IOHandler &io_handler, CompletionRequest &request)
virtual const char * IOHandlerGetFixIndentationCharacters ()
virtual int IOHandlerFixIndentation (IOHandler &io_handler, const StringList &lines, int cursor_position)
 Called when a new line is created or one of an identified set of indentation characters is typed.
virtual void IOHandlerInputComplete (IOHandler &io_handler, std::string &data)=0
 Called when a line or lines have been retrieved.
virtual void IOHandlerInputInterrupted (IOHandler &io_handler, std::string &data)
virtual bool IOHandlerIsInputComplete (IOHandler &io_handler, StringList &lines)
 Called to determine whether typing enter after the last line in lines should end input.
virtual llvm::StringRef IOHandlerGetControlSequence (char ch)
virtual const char * IOHandlerGetCommandPrefix ()
virtual const char * IOHandlerGetHelpPrologue ()
virtual bool IOHandlerInterrupt (IOHandler &io_handler)

Protected Member Functions

void IOHandlerInputComplete (IOHandler &io_handler, std::string &line) override
 Called when a line or lines have been retrieved.
bool IOHandlerIsInputComplete (IOHandler &io_handler, StringList &lines) override
 Called to determine whether typing enter after the last line in lines should end input.
void DoExecute (llvm::StringRef command, CommandReturnObject &result) override
bool EvaluateExpression (llvm::StringRef expr, Stream &output_stream, Stream &error_stream, CommandReturnObject &result)
 Evaluates the given expression.
void GetMultilineExpression ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::CommandObjectRaw
virtual void DoExecute (llvm::StringRef command, CommandReturnObject &result)=0
bool WantsRawCommandString () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::CommandObject
bool ParseOptionsAndNotify (Args &args, CommandReturnObject &result, OptionGroupOptions &group_options, ExecutionContext &exe_ctx)
virtual const char * GetInvalidTargetDescription ()
virtual const char * GetInvalidProcessDescription ()
virtual const char * GetInvalidThreadDescription ()
virtual const char * GetInvalidFrameDescription ()
virtual const char * GetInvalidRegContextDescription ()
TargetGetSelectedOrDummyTarget (bool prefer_dummy=false)
TargetGetSelectedTarget ()
TargetGetDummyTarget ()
ThreadGetDefaultThread ()
bool CheckRequirements (CommandReturnObject &result)
 Check the command to make sure anything required by this command is available.
void Cleanup ()

Protected Attributes

OptionGroupOptions m_option_group
OptionGroupFormat m_format_options
OptionGroupValueObjectDisplay m_varobj_options
OptionGroupBoolean m_repl_option
CommandOptions m_command_options
uint32_t m_expr_line_count
std::string m_expr_lines
std::string m_fixed_expression
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::CommandObject
ExecutionContext m_exe_ctx
std::unique_lock< std::recursive_mutex > m_api_locker
std::string m_cmd_name
std::string m_cmd_help_short
std::string m_cmd_help_long
std::string m_cmd_syntax
Flags m_flags
std::vector< CommandArgumentEntrym_arguments
lldb::CommandOverrideCallback m_deprecated_command_override_callback
lldb_private::CommandOverrideCallbackWithResult m_command_override_callback
void * m_command_override_baton
bool m_is_user_command = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::IOHandlerDelegate
Completion m_completion

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from lldb_private::CommandObject
enum  IDType { eBreakpointArgs = 0 , eWatchpointArgs = 1 }
typedef llvm::StringRef() ArgumentHelpCallbackFunction()
typedef std::vector< CommandArgumentDataCommandArgumentEntry
typedef std::map< std::string, lldb::CommandObjectSPCommandMap
- Public Types inherited from lldb_private::IOHandlerDelegate
enum class  Completion { None , LLDBCommand , Expression }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::CommandObject
static const char * GetArgumentTypeAsCString (const lldb::CommandArgumentType arg_type)
static const char * GetArgumentDescriptionAsCString (const lldb::CommandArgumentType arg_type)
static lldb::CommandArgumentType LookupArgumentName (llvm::StringRef arg_name)
static const ArgumentTableEntryFindArgumentDataByType (lldb::CommandArgumentType arg_type)
static void GetArgumentHelp (Stream &str, lldb::CommandArgumentType arg_type, CommandInterpreter &interpreter)
static const char * GetArgumentName (lldb::CommandArgumentType arg_type)
static bool IsPairType (ArgumentRepetitionType arg_repeat_type)
static std::optional< ArgumentRepetitionTypeArgRepetitionFromString (llvm::StringRef string)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CommandObjectExpression()

CommandObjectExpression::CommandObjectExpression ( CommandInterpreter interpreter)

◆ ~CommandObjectExpression()

CommandObjectExpression::~CommandObjectExpression ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ DoExecute()

void CommandObjectExpression::DoExecute ( llvm::StringRef  command,
CommandReturnObject result 

◆ EvaluateExpression()

bool CommandObjectExpression::EvaluateExpression ( llvm::StringRef  expr,
Stream output_stream,
Stream error_stream,
CommandReturnObject result 

Evaluates the given expression.

output_streamThe stream to which the evaluation result will be printed.
error_streamContains error messages that should be displayed to the user in case the evaluation fails.
resultA CommandReturnObject which status will be set to the appropriate value depending on evaluation success and whether the expression produced any result.
Returns true iff the expression was successfully evaluated, executed and the result could be printed to the output stream.

Definition at line 379 of file CommandObjectExpression.cpp.

◆ GetMultilineExpression()

void CommandObjectExpression::GetMultilineExpression ( )

Definition at line 515 of file CommandObjectExpression.cpp.

◆ GetOptions()

Options * CommandObjectExpression::GetOptions ( )

Reimplemented from lldb_private::CommandObject.

Definition at line 308 of file CommandObjectExpression.cpp.

◆ HandleCompletion()

void CommandObjectExpression::HandleCompletion ( CompletionRequest request)

This default version handles calling option argument completions and then calls HandleArgumentCompletion if the cursor is on an argument, not an option.

Don't override this method, override HandleArgumentCompletion instead unless you have special reasons.

[in,out]requestThe completion request that needs to be answered.

Reimplemented from lldb_private::CommandObject.

Definition at line 310 of file CommandObjectExpression.cpp.

◆ IOHandlerInputComplete()

void CommandObjectExpression::IOHandlerInputComplete ( IOHandler io_handler,
std::string &  data 

Called when a line or lines have been retrieved.

This function can handle the current line and possibly call IOHandler::SetIsDone(true) when the IO handler is done like when "quit" is entered as a command, of when an empty line is received. It is up to the delegate to determine when a line should cause a IOHandler to exit.

Implements lldb_private::IOHandlerDelegate.

Definition at line 487 of file CommandObjectExpression.cpp.

◆ IOHandlerIsInputComplete()

bool CommandObjectExpression::IOHandlerIsInputComplete ( IOHandler io_handler,
StringList lines 

Called to determine whether typing enter after the last line in lines should end input.

This function will not be called on IOHandler objects that are getting single lines.

[in]io_handlerThe IOHandler that responsible for updating the lines.
[in]linesThe current multi-line content. May be altered to provide alternative input when complete.
Return an boolean to indicate whether input is complete, true indicates that no additional input is necessary, while false indicates that more input is required.

Reimplemented from lldb_private::IOHandlerDelegate.

Definition at line 502 of file CommandObjectExpression.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_command_options

CommandOptions lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_command_options

Definition at line 99 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_expr_line_count

uint32_t lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_expr_line_count

Definition at line 100 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_expr_lines

std::string lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_expr_lines

Definition at line 101 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_fixed_expression

std::string lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_fixed_expression

Definition at line 102 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_format_options

OptionGroupFormat lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_format_options

Definition at line 96 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_option_group

OptionGroupOptions lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_option_group

Definition at line 95 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_repl_option

OptionGroupBoolean lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_repl_option

Definition at line 98 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

◆ m_varobj_options

OptionGroupValueObjectDisplay lldb_private::CommandObjectExpression::m_varobj_options

Definition at line 97 of file CommandObjectExpression.h.

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