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lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo Class Reference

A class that encapsulates name lookup information. More...

#include "lldb/Core/Module.h"

Public Member Functions

 LookupInfo ()=default
 LookupInfo (ConstString name, lldb::FunctionNameType name_type_mask, lldb::LanguageType language)
ConstString GetName () const
void SetName (ConstString name)
ConstString GetLookupName () const
void SetLookupName (ConstString name)
lldb::FunctionNameType GetNameTypeMask () const
void SetNameTypeMask (lldb::FunctionNameType mask)
lldb::LanguageType GetLanguageType () const
bool NameMatchesLookupInfo (ConstString function_name, lldb::LanguageType language_type=lldb::eLanguageTypeUnknown) const
void Prune (SymbolContextList &sc_list, size_t start_idx) const

Protected Attributes

ConstString m_name
 What the user originally typed.
ConstString m_lookup_name
 The actual name will lookup when calling in the object or symbol file.
lldb::LanguageType m_language = lldb::eLanguageTypeUnknown
 Limit matches to only be for this language.
lldb::FunctionNameType m_name_type_mask = lldb::eFunctionNameTypeNone
 One or more bits from lldb::FunctionNameType that indicate what kind of names we are looking for.
bool m_match_name_after_lookup = false

Detailed Description

A class that encapsulates name lookup information.

Users can type a wide variety of partial names when setting breakpoints by name or when looking for functions by name. The SymbolFile object is only required to implement name lookup for function basenames and for fully mangled names. This means if the user types in a partial name, we must reduce this to a name lookup that will work with all SymbolFile objects. So we might reduce a name lookup to look for a basename, and then prune out any results that don't match.

The "m_name" member variable represents the name as it was typed by the user. "m_lookup_name" will be the name we actually search for through the symbol or objects files. Lanaguage is included in case we need to filter results by language at a later date. The "m_name_type_mask" member variable tells us what kinds of names we are looking for and can help us prune out unwanted results.

Function lookups are done in Module.cpp, ModuleList.cpp and in BreakpointResolverName.cpp and they all now use this class to do lookups correctly.

Definition at line 904 of file Module.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LookupInfo() [1/2]

lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::LookupInfo ( )

◆ LookupInfo() [2/2]

lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::LookupInfo ( ConstString  name,
lldb::FunctionNameType  name_type_mask,
lldb::LanguageType  language 

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetLanguageType()

lldb::LanguageType lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::GetLanguageType ( ) const

Definition at line 925 of file Module.h.

References m_language.

Referenced by lldb_private::plugin::dwarf::DWARFIndex::ProcessFunctionDIE().

◆ GetLookupName()

ConstString lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::GetLookupName ( ) const

◆ GetName()

ConstString lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::GetName ( ) const

◆ GetNameTypeMask()

lldb::FunctionNameType lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::GetNameTypeMask ( ) const

◆ NameMatchesLookupInfo()

bool Module::LookupInfo::NameMatchesLookupInfo ( ConstString  function_name,
lldb::LanguageType  language_type = lldb::eLanguageTypeUnknown 
) const

◆ Prune()

void Module::LookupInfo::Prune ( SymbolContextList sc_list,
size_t  start_idx 
) const

◆ SetLookupName()

void lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::SetLookupName ( ConstString  name)

◆ SetName()

void lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::SetName ( ConstString  name)

Definition at line 913 of file Module.h.

References m_name.

◆ SetNameTypeMask()

void lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::SetNameTypeMask ( lldb::FunctionNameType  mask)

Definition at line 921 of file Module.h.

References m_name_type_mask.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_language

lldb::LanguageType lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::m_language = lldb::eLanguageTypeUnknown

Limit matches to only be for this language.

Definition at line 941 of file Module.h.

Referenced by GetLanguageType().

◆ m_lookup_name

ConstString lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::m_lookup_name

The actual name will lookup when calling in the object or symbol file.

Definition at line 938 of file Module.h.

Referenced by GetLookupName(), and SetLookupName().

◆ m_match_name_after_lookup

bool lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::m_match_name_after_lookup = false

Definition at line 949 of file Module.h.

◆ m_name

ConstString lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::m_name

What the user originally typed.

Definition at line 935 of file Module.h.

Referenced by GetName(), NameMatchesLookupInfo(), and SetName().

◆ m_name_type_mask

lldb::FunctionNameType lldb_private::Module::LookupInfo::m_name_type_mask = lldb::eFunctionNameTypeNone

One or more bits from lldb::FunctionNameType that indicate what kind of names we are looking for.

If true, then demangled names that match will need to contain "m_name" in order to be considered a match

Definition at line 945 of file Module.h.

Referenced by GetNameTypeMask(), and SetNameTypeMask().

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