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IOHandlerProcessSTDIO Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 IOHandlerProcessSTDIO (Process *process, int write_fd)
 ~IOHandlerProcessSTDIO () override=default
void SetIsRunning (bool running)
void Run () override
void Cancel () override
bool Interrupt () override
void GotEOF () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::IOHandler
 IOHandler (Debugger &debugger, IOHandler::Type type)
 IOHandler (Debugger &debugger, IOHandler::Type type, const lldb::FileSP &input_sp, const lldb::StreamFileSP &output_sp, const lldb::StreamFileSP &error_sp, uint32_t flags)
virtual ~IOHandler ()
bool IsActive ()
void SetIsDone (bool b)
bool GetIsDone ()
Type GetType () const
virtual void Activate ()
virtual void Deactivate ()
virtual void TerminalSizeChanged ()
virtual const char * GetPrompt ()
virtual bool SetPrompt (llvm::StringRef prompt)
bool SetPrompt (const char *)=delete
virtual ConstString GetControlSequence (char ch)
virtual const char * GetCommandPrefix ()
virtual const char * GetHelpPrologue ()
int GetInputFD ()
int GetOutputFD ()
int GetErrorFD ()
FILE * GetInputFILE ()
FILE * GetOutputFILE ()
FILE * GetErrorFILE ()
lldb::FileSP GetInputFileSP ()
lldb::StreamFileSP GetOutputStreamFileSP ()
lldb::StreamFileSP GetErrorStreamFileSP ()
DebuggerGetDebugger ()
void * GetUserData ()
void SetUserData (void *user_data)
FlagsGetFlags ()
const FlagsGetFlags () const
bool GetIsInteractive ()
 Check if the input is being supplied interactively by a user. More...
bool GetIsRealTerminal ()
 Check if the input is coming from a real terminal. More...
void SetPopped (bool b)
void WaitForPop ()
virtual void PrintAsync (const char *s, size_t len, bool is_stdout)
std::recursive_mutex & GetOutputMutex ()

Protected Attributes

NativeFile m_read_file
NativeFile m_write_file
Pipe m_pipe
std::mutex m_mutex
bool m_is_running = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::IOHandler
lldb::FileSP m_input_sp
lldb::StreamFileSP m_output_sp
lldb::StreamFileSP m_error_sp
std::recursive_mutex m_output_mutex
Predicate< bool > m_popped
Flags m_flags
Type m_type
void * m_user_data
bool m_done
bool m_active

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from lldb_private::IOHandler
enum  Type {
  Type::CommandInterpreter, Type::CommandList, Type::Confirm, Type::Curses,
  Type::Expression, Type::REPL, Type::ProcessIO, Type::PythonInterpreter,
  Type::LuaInterpreter, Type::PythonCode, Type::Other

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4345 of file Process.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IOHandlerProcessSTDIO()

IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::IOHandlerProcessSTDIO ( Process process,
int  write_fd 

Definition at line 4347 of file Process.cpp.

◆ ~IOHandlerProcessSTDIO()

IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::~IOHandlerProcessSTDIO ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Cancel()

void IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::Cancel ( )

Implements lldb_private::IOHandler.

Definition at line 4427 of file Process.cpp.

◆ GotEOF()

void IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::GotEOF ( )

Implements lldb_private::IOHandler.

Definition at line 4477 of file Process.cpp.

◆ Interrupt()

bool IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::Interrupt ( )

◆ Run()

void IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::Run ( )

◆ SetIsRunning()

void IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::SetIsRunning ( bool  running)

Definition at line 4358 of file Process.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_is_running

bool IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::m_is_running = false

Definition at line 4486 of file Process.cpp.

◆ m_mutex

std::mutex IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::m_mutex

Definition at line 4485 of file Process.cpp.

◆ m_pipe

Pipe IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::m_pipe

Definition at line 4484 of file Process.cpp.

◆ m_process

Process* IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::m_process

Definition at line 4480 of file Process.cpp.

◆ m_read_file

NativeFile IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::m_read_file

Definition at line 4481 of file Process.cpp.

◆ m_write_file

NativeFile IOHandlerProcessSTDIO::m_write_file

Definition at line 4482 of file Process.cpp.

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