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lldb::SBLaunchInfo Class Reference

#include <SBLaunchInfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SBLaunchInfo (const char **argv)
 ~SBLaunchInfo ()
lldb::pid_t GetProcessID ()
uint32_t GetUserID ()
uint32_t GetGroupID ()
bool UserIDIsValid ()
bool GroupIDIsValid ()
void SetUserID (uint32_t uid)
void SetGroupID (uint32_t gid)
SBFileSpec GetExecutableFile ()
void SetExecutableFile (SBFileSpec exe_file, bool add_as_first_arg)
 Set the executable file that will be used to launch the process and optionally set it as the first argument in the argument vector. More...
SBListener GetListener ()
 Get the listener that will be used to receive process events. More...
void SetListener (SBListener &listener)
 Set the listener that will be used to receive process events. More...
uint32_t GetNumArguments ()
const char * GetArgumentAtIndex (uint32_t idx)
void SetArguments (const char **argv, bool append)
uint32_t GetNumEnvironmentEntries ()
const char * GetEnvironmentEntryAtIndex (uint32_t idx)
void SetEnvironmentEntries (const char **envp, bool append)
void Clear ()
const char * GetWorkingDirectory () const
void SetWorkingDirectory (const char *working_dir)
uint32_t GetLaunchFlags ()
void SetLaunchFlags (uint32_t flags)
const char * GetProcessPluginName ()
void SetProcessPluginName (const char *plugin_name)
const char * GetShell ()
void SetShell (const char *path)
bool GetShellExpandArguments ()
void SetShellExpandArguments (bool expand)
uint32_t GetResumeCount ()
void SetResumeCount (uint32_t c)
bool AddCloseFileAction (int fd)
bool AddDuplicateFileAction (int fd, int dup_fd)
bool AddOpenFileAction (int fd, const char *path, bool read, bool write)
bool AddSuppressFileAction (int fd, bool read, bool write)
void SetLaunchEventData (const char *data)
const char * GetLaunchEventData () const
bool GetDetachOnError () const
void SetDetachOnError (bool enable)

Protected Member Functions

const lldb_private::ProcessLaunchInforef () const
void set_ref (const lldb_private::ProcessLaunchInfo &info)

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< lldb_private::SBLaunchInfoImplm_opaque_sp


class SBPlatform
class SBTarget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file SBLaunchInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SBLaunchInfo()

SBLaunchInfo::SBLaunchInfo ( const char **  argv)

Definition at line 37 of file SBLaunchInfo.cpp.

References LLDB_RECORD_CONSTRUCTOR, and m_opaque_sp.

◆ ~SBLaunchInfo()

SBLaunchInfo::~SBLaunchInfo ( )

Definition at line 46 of file SBLaunchInfo.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddCloseFileAction()

bool SBLaunchInfo::AddCloseFileAction ( int  fd)

◆ AddDuplicateFileAction()

bool SBLaunchInfo::AddDuplicateFileAction ( int  fd,
int  dup_fd 

◆ AddOpenFileAction()

bool SBLaunchInfo::AddOpenFileAction ( int  fd,
const char *  path,
bool  read,
bool  write 

◆ AddSuppressFileAction()

bool SBLaunchInfo::AddSuppressFileAction ( int  fd,
bool  read,
bool  write 

◆ Clear()

void SBLaunchInfo::Clear ( )

◆ GetArgumentAtIndex()

const char * SBLaunchInfo::GetArgumentAtIndex ( uint32_t  idx)

◆ GetDetachOnError()

bool SBLaunchInfo::GetDetachOnError ( ) const

◆ GetEnvironmentEntryAtIndex()

const char * SBLaunchInfo::GetEnvironmentEntryAtIndex ( uint32_t  idx)

◆ GetExecutableFile()

SBFileSpec SBLaunchInfo::GetExecutableFile ( )

◆ GetGroupID()

uint32_t SBLaunchInfo::GetGroupID ( )

◆ GetLaunchEventData()

const char * SBLaunchInfo::GetLaunchEventData ( ) const

◆ GetLaunchFlags()

uint32_t SBLaunchInfo::GetLaunchFlags ( )

◆ GetListener()

SBListener SBLaunchInfo::GetListener ( )

Get the listener that will be used to receive process events.

If no listener has been set via a call to SBLaunchInfo::SetListener(), then an invalid SBListener will be returned (SBListener::IsValid() will return false). If a listener has been set, then the valid listener object will be returned.

Definition at line 112 of file SBLaunchInfo.cpp.

References LLDB_RECORD_METHOD_NO_ARGS, LLDB_RECORD_RESULT, m_opaque_sp, and lldb::SBListener.

Referenced by lldb_private::repro::RegisterMethods< SBLaunchInfo >().

◆ GetNumArguments()

uint32_t SBLaunchInfo::GetNumArguments ( )

◆ GetNumEnvironmentEntries()

uint32_t SBLaunchInfo::GetNumEnvironmentEntries ( )

◆ GetProcessID()

lldb::pid_t SBLaunchInfo::GetProcessID ( )

◆ GetProcessPluginName()

const char * SBLaunchInfo::GetProcessPluginName ( )

◆ GetResumeCount()

uint32_t SBLaunchInfo::GetResumeCount ( )

◆ GetShell()

const char * SBLaunchInfo::GetShell ( )

◆ GetShellExpandArguments()

bool SBLaunchInfo::GetShellExpandArguments ( )

◆ GetUserID()

uint32_t SBLaunchInfo::GetUserID ( )

◆ GetWorkingDirectory()

const char * SBLaunchInfo::GetWorkingDirectory ( ) const

◆ GroupIDIsValid()

bool SBLaunchInfo::GroupIDIsValid ( )

◆ ref()

const lldb_private::ProcessLaunchInfo & SBLaunchInfo::ref ( ) const

◆ set_ref()

void SBLaunchInfo::set_ref ( const lldb_private::ProcessLaunchInfo info)

◆ SetArguments()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetArguments ( const char **  argv,
bool  append 

◆ SetDetachOnError()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetDetachOnError ( bool  enable)

◆ SetEnvironmentEntries()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetEnvironmentEntries ( const char **  envp,
bool  append 

◆ SetExecutableFile()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetExecutableFile ( SBFileSpec  exe_file,
bool  add_as_first_arg 

Set the executable file that will be used to launch the process and optionally set it as the first argument in the argument vector.

This only needs to be specified if clients wish to carefully control the exact path will be used to launch a binary. If you create a target with a symlink, that symlink will get resolved in the target and the resolved path will get used to launch the process. Calling this function can help you still launch your process using the path of your choice.

If this function is not called prior to launching with SBTarget::Launch(...), the target will use the resolved executable path that was used to create the target.

[in]exe_fileThe override path to use when launching the executable.
[in]add_as_first_argIf true, then the path will be inserted into the argument vector prior to launching. Otherwise the argument vector will be left alone.

Definition at line 104 of file SBLaunchInfo.cpp.

References LLDB_RECORD_METHOD, and m_opaque_sp.

Referenced by lldb_private::repro::RegisterMethods< SBLaunchInfo >().

◆ SetGroupID()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetGroupID ( uint32_t  gid)

◆ SetLaunchEventData()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetLaunchEventData ( const char *  data)

◆ SetLaunchFlags()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetLaunchFlags ( uint32_t  flags)

◆ SetListener()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetListener ( SBListener listener)

Set the listener that will be used to receive process events.

By default the SBDebugger, which has a listener, that the SBTarget belongs to will listen for the process events. Calling this function allows a different listener to be used to listen for process events.

Definition at line 118 of file SBLaunchInfo.cpp.

References lldb::SBListener::GetSP(), LLDB_RECORD_METHOD, and m_opaque_sp.

Referenced by lldb_private::repro::RegisterMethods< SBLaunchInfo >().

◆ SetProcessPluginName()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetProcessPluginName ( const char *  plugin_name)

◆ SetResumeCount()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetResumeCount ( uint32_t  c)

◆ SetShell()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetShell ( const char *  path)

◆ SetShellExpandArguments()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetShellExpandArguments ( bool  expand)

◆ SetUserID()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetUserID ( uint32_t  uid)

◆ SetWorkingDirectory()

void SBLaunchInfo::SetWorkingDirectory ( const char *  working_dir)

◆ UserIDIsValid()

bool SBLaunchInfo::UserIDIsValid ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ SBPlatform

friend class SBPlatform

Definition at line 138 of file SBLaunchInfo.h.

◆ SBTarget

friend class SBTarget

Definition at line 139 of file SBLaunchInfo.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_opaque_sp

std::shared_ptr<lldb_private::SBLaunchInfoImpl> lldb::SBLaunchInfo::m_opaque_sp

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