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lldb_private::TypeAndOrName Class Reference

Sometimes you can find the name of the type corresponding to an object, but we don't have debug information for it. More...

#include <Type.h>

Public Member Functions

 TypeAndOrName ()=default
 TypeAndOrName (lldb::TypeSP &type_sp)
 TypeAndOrName (const CompilerType &compiler_type)
 TypeAndOrName (const char *type_str)
 TypeAndOrName (ConstString &type_const_string)
bool operator== (const TypeAndOrName &other) const
bool operator!= (const TypeAndOrName &other) const
ConstString GetName () const
CompilerType GetCompilerType () const
void SetName (ConstString type_name)
void SetName (const char *type_name_cstr)
void SetTypeSP (lldb::TypeSP type_sp)
void SetCompilerType (CompilerType compiler_type)
bool IsEmpty () const
bool HasName () const
bool HasCompilerType () const
bool HasType () const
void Clear ()
 operator bool ()

Private Attributes

CompilerType m_compiler_type
ConstString m_type_name

Detailed Description

Sometimes you can find the name of the type corresponding to an object, but we don't have debug information for it.

If that is the case, you can return one of these objects, and then if it has a full type, you can use that, but if not at least you can print the name for informational purposes.

Definition at line 410 of file Type.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TypeAndOrName() [1/5]

lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::TypeAndOrName ( )

◆ TypeAndOrName() [2/5]

lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::TypeAndOrName ( lldb::TypeSP &  type_sp)

◆ TypeAndOrName() [3/5]

lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::TypeAndOrName ( const CompilerType compiler_type)

◆ TypeAndOrName() [4/5]

TypeAndOrName::TypeAndOrName ( const char *  type_str)

Definition at line 758 of file Type.cpp.

◆ TypeAndOrName() [5/5]

TypeAndOrName::TypeAndOrName ( ConstString type_const_string)

Definition at line 761 of file Type.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void TypeAndOrName::Clear ( )

◆ GetCompilerType()

CompilerType lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::GetCompilerType ( ) const

◆ GetName()

ConstString TypeAndOrName::GetName ( ) const

◆ HasCompilerType()

bool TypeAndOrName::HasCompilerType ( ) const

Definition at line 817 of file Type.cpp.

References lldb_private::CompilerType::IsValid(), and m_compiler_type.

Referenced by HasType().

◆ HasName()

bool TypeAndOrName::HasName ( ) const

◆ HasType()

bool lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::HasType ( ) const

◆ IsEmpty()

bool TypeAndOrName::IsEmpty ( ) const

◆ operator bool()

lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::operator bool ( )

Definition at line 444 of file Type.h.

References IsEmpty().

◆ operator!=()

bool TypeAndOrName::operator!= ( const TypeAndOrName other) const

Definition at line 772 of file Type.cpp.

◆ operator==()

bool TypeAndOrName::operator== ( const TypeAndOrName other) const

Definition at line 764 of file Type.cpp.

References m_compiler_type, and m_type_name.

◆ SetCompilerType()

void TypeAndOrName::SetCompilerType ( CompilerType  compiler_type)

◆ SetName() [1/2]

void TypeAndOrName::SetName ( const char *  type_name_cstr)

Definition at line 788 of file Type.cpp.

References m_type_name, and lldb_private::ConstString::SetCString().

◆ SetName() [2/2]

void TypeAndOrName::SetName ( ConstString  type_name)

◆ SetTypeSP()

void TypeAndOrName::SetTypeSP ( lldb::TypeSP  type_sp)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_compiler_type

CompilerType lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::m_compiler_type

◆ m_type_name

ConstString lldb_private::TypeAndOrName::m_type_name

Definition at line 448 of file Type.h.

Referenced by Clear(), GetName(), HasName(), IsEmpty(), operator==(), SetCompilerType(), SetName(), and SetTypeSP().

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