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lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo Class Reference

#include <Process.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ProcessAttachInfo ()=default
 ProcessAttachInfo (const ProcessLaunchInfo &launch_info)
bool GetWaitForLaunch () const
void SetWaitForLaunch (bool b)
bool GetAsync () const
void SetAsync (bool b)
bool GetIgnoreExisting () const
void SetIgnoreExisting (bool b)
bool GetContinueOnceAttached () const
void SetContinueOnceAttached (bool b)
uint32_t GetResumeCount () const
void SetResumeCount (uint32_t c)
llvm::StringRef GetProcessPluginName () const
void SetProcessPluginName (llvm::StringRef plugin)
void Clear ()
bool ProcessInfoSpecified () const
bool GetDetachOnError () const
void SetDetachOnError (bool enable)
lldb::ListenerSP GetListenerForProcess (Debugger &debugger)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ProcessInstanceInfo
 ProcessInstanceInfo ()=default
 ProcessInstanceInfo (const char *name, const ArchSpec &arch, lldb::pid_t pid)
void Clear ()
uint32_t GetEffectiveUserID () const
uint32_t GetEffectiveGroupID () const
bool EffectiveUserIDIsValid () const
bool EffectiveGroupIDIsValid () const
void SetEffectiveUserID (uint32_t uid)
void SetEffectiveGroupID (uint32_t gid)
lldb::pid_t GetParentProcessID () const
void SetParentProcessID (lldb::pid_t pid)
bool ParentProcessIDIsValid () const
lldb::pid_t GetProcessGroupID () const
void SetProcessGroupID (lldb::pid_t pgrp)
bool ProcessGroupIDIsValid () const
lldb::pid_t GetProcessSessionID () const
void SetProcessSessionID (lldb::pid_t session)
bool ProcessSessionIDIsValid () const
struct timespec GetUserTime () const
void SetUserTime (struct timespec utime)
bool UserTimeIsValid () const
struct timespec GetSystemTime () const
void SetSystemTime (struct timespec stime)
bool SystemTimeIsValid () const
struct timespec GetCumulativeUserTime () const
void SetCumulativeUserTime (struct timespec cutime)
bool CumulativeUserTimeIsValid () const
struct timespec GetCumulativeSystemTime () const
void SetCumulativeSystemTime (struct timespec cstime)
bool CumulativeSystemTimeIsValid () const
void Dump (Stream &s, UserIDResolver &resolver) const
void DumpAsTableRow (Stream &s, UserIDResolver &resolver, bool show_args, bool verbose) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ProcessInfo
 ProcessInfo ()
 ProcessInfo (const char *name, const ArchSpec &arch, lldb::pid_t pid)
void Clear ()
const char * GetName () const
llvm::StringRef GetNameAsStringRef () const
FileSpecGetExecutableFile ()
void SetExecutableFile (const FileSpec &exe_file, bool add_exe_file_as_first_arg)
const FileSpecGetExecutableFile () const
uint32_t GetUserID () const
uint32_t GetGroupID () const
bool UserIDIsValid () const
bool GroupIDIsValid () const
void SetUserID (uint32_t uid)
void SetGroupID (uint32_t gid)
ArchSpecGetArchitecture ()
const ArchSpecGetArchitecture () const
void SetArchitecture (const ArchSpec &arch)
lldb::pid_t GetProcessID () const
void SetProcessID (lldb::pid_t pid)
bool ProcessIDIsValid () const
void Dump (Stream &s, Platform *platform) const
ArgsGetArguments ()
const ArgsGetArguments () const
llvm::StringRef GetArg0 () const
void SetArg0 (llvm::StringRef arg)
void SetArguments (const Args &args, bool first_arg_is_executable)
void SetArguments (char const **argv, bool first_arg_is_executable)
EnvironmentGetEnvironment ()
const EnvironmentGetEnvironment () const
bool IsScriptedProcess () const
lldb::ScriptedMetadataSP GetScriptedMetadata () const
void SetScriptedMetadata (lldb::ScriptedMetadataSP metadata_sp)
lldb::ListenerSP GetListener () const
void SetListener (const lldb::ListenerSP &listener_sp)
lldb::ListenerSP GetHijackListener () const
void SetHijackListener (const lldb::ListenerSP &listener_sp)
lldb::ListenerSP GetShadowListener () const
void SetShadowListener (const lldb::ListenerSP &listener_sp)

Protected Attributes

std::string m_plugin_name
uint32_t m_resume_count = 0
bool m_wait_for_launch = false
bool m_ignore_existing = true
bool m_continue_once_attached = false
bool m_detach_on_error
bool m_async
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::ProcessInstanceInfo
uint32_t m_euid = UINT32_MAX
uint32_t m_egid = UINT32_MAX
lldb::pid_t m_parent_pid = LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID
lldb::pid_t m_process_group_id = LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID
lldb::pid_t m_process_session_id = LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::ProcessInfo
FileSpec m_executable
std::string m_arg0
Args m_arguments
Environment m_environment
uint32_t m_uid = UINT32_MAX
uint32_t m_gid = UINT32_MAX
ArchSpec m_arch
lldb::pid_t m_pid = LLDB_INVALID_PROCESS_ID
lldb::ScriptedMetadataSP m_scripted_metadata_sp = nullptr
lldb::ListenerSP m_listener_sp = nullptr
lldb::ListenerSP m_hijack_listener_sp = nullptr
lldb::ListenerSP m_shadow_listener_sp = nullptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ProcessInstanceInfo
static void DumpTableHeader (Stream &s, bool show_args, bool verbose)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file Process.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProcessAttachInfo() [1/2]

lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::ProcessAttachInfo ( )

◆ ProcessAttachInfo() [2/2]

lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::ProcessAttachInfo ( const ProcessLaunchInfo launch_info)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::Clear ( )

◆ GetAsync()

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetAsync ( ) const

Definition at line 140 of file Process.h.

References m_async.

Referenced by lldb_private::Target::Attach().

◆ GetContinueOnceAttached()

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetContinueOnceAttached ( ) const

◆ GetDetachOnError()

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetDetachOnError ( ) const

◆ GetIgnoreExisting()

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetIgnoreExisting ( ) const

◆ GetListenerForProcess()

ListenerSP ProcessAttachInfo::GetListenerForProcess ( Debugger debugger)

◆ GetProcessPluginName()

llvm::StringRef lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetProcessPluginName ( ) const

Definition at line 156 of file Process.h.

References m_plugin_name.

Referenced by lldb_private::PlatformWindows::Attach(), and lldb_private::Target::Attach().

◆ GetResumeCount()

uint32_t lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetResumeCount ( ) const

Definition at line 152 of file Process.h.

References m_resume_count.

Referenced by lldb_private::Process::Attach().

◆ GetWaitForLaunch()

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::GetWaitForLaunch ( ) const

◆ ProcessInfoSpecified()

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::ProcessInfoSpecified ( ) const

◆ SetAsync()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetAsync ( bool  b)

Definition at line 142 of file Process.h.

References m_async.

◆ SetContinueOnceAttached()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetContinueOnceAttached ( bool  b)

◆ SetDetachOnError()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetDetachOnError ( bool  enable)

Definition at line 185 of file Process.h.

References m_detach_on_error.

◆ SetIgnoreExisting()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetIgnoreExisting ( bool  b)

Definition at line 146 of file Process.h.

References m_ignore_existing.

Referenced by lldb_private::CommandOptionsProcessAttach::SetOptionValue().

◆ SetProcessPluginName()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetProcessPluginName ( llvm::StringRef  plugin)

◆ SetResumeCount()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetResumeCount ( uint32_t  c)

Definition at line 154 of file Process.h.

References m_resume_count.

Referenced by ProcessAttachInfo().

◆ SetWaitForLaunch()

void lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::SetWaitForLaunch ( bool  b)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_async

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_async
Initial value:

Definition at line 200 of file Process.h.

Referenced by GetAsync(), and SetAsync().

◆ m_continue_once_attached

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_continue_once_attached = false

Definition at line 194 of file Process.h.

Referenced by Clear(), GetContinueOnceAttached(), and SetContinueOnceAttached().

◆ m_detach_on_error

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_detach_on_error
Initial value:

Definition at line 197 of file Process.h.

Referenced by GetDetachOnError(), ProcessAttachInfo(), and SetDetachOnError().

◆ m_ignore_existing

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_ignore_existing = true

Definition at line 193 of file Process.h.

Referenced by Clear(), GetIgnoreExisting(), and SetIgnoreExisting().

◆ m_plugin_name

std::string lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_plugin_name

Definition at line 190 of file Process.h.

Referenced by Clear(), GetProcessPluginName(), and SetProcessPluginName().

◆ m_resume_count

uint32_t lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_resume_count = 0

Definition at line 191 of file Process.h.

Referenced by Clear(), GetResumeCount(), and SetResumeCount().

◆ m_wait_for_launch

bool lldb_private::ProcessAttachInfo::m_wait_for_launch = false

Definition at line 192 of file Process.h.

Referenced by Clear(), GetWaitForLaunch(), and SetWaitForLaunch().

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