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ABIMacOSX_arm Class Reference

#include <ABIMacOSX_arm.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~ABIMacOSX_arm () override=default
size_t GetRedZoneSize () const override
bool PrepareTrivialCall (lldb_private::Thread &thread, lldb::addr_t sp, lldb::addr_t func_addr, lldb::addr_t returnAddress, llvm::ArrayRef< lldb::addr_t > args) const override
bool GetArgumentValues (lldb_private::Thread &thread, lldb_private::ValueList &values) const override
lldb_private::Status SetReturnValueObject (lldb::StackFrameSP &frame_sp, lldb::ValueObjectSP &new_value) override
bool CreateFunctionEntryUnwindPlan (lldb_private::UnwindPlan &unwind_plan) override
bool CreateDefaultUnwindPlan (lldb_private::UnwindPlan &unwind_plan) override
bool RegisterIsVolatile (const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *reg_info) override
bool CallFrameAddressIsValid (lldb::addr_t cfa) override
bool CodeAddressIsValid (lldb::addr_t pc) override
lldb::addr_t FixCodeAddress (lldb::addr_t pc) override
 Some targets might use bits in a code address to indicate a mode switch. More...
const lldb_private::RegisterInfo * GetRegisterInfoArray (uint32_t &count) override
bool IsArmv7kProcess () const
lldb_private::ConstString GetPluginName () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::RegInfoBasedABI
void AugmentRegisterInfo (RegisterInfo &info) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ABI
 ~ABI () override
virtual bool PrepareTrivialCall (lldb_private::Thread &thread, lldb::addr_t sp, lldb::addr_t functionAddress, lldb::addr_t returnAddress, llvm::Type &prototype, llvm::ArrayRef< CallArgument > args) const
lldb::ValueObjectSP GetReturnValueObject (Thread &thread, CompilerType &type, bool persistent=true) const
lldb::ValueObjectSP GetReturnValueObject (Thread &thread, llvm::Type &type, bool persistent=true) const
virtual bool RegisterIsVolatile (const RegisterInfo *reg_info)=0
virtual bool GetFallbackRegisterLocation (const RegisterInfo *reg_info, UnwindPlan::Row::RegisterLocation &unwind_regloc)
llvm::MCRegisterInfo & GetMCRegisterInfo ()
virtual bool GetPointerReturnRegister (const char *&name)
virtual lldb::addr_t FixDataAddress (lldb::addr_t pc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::PluginInterface
 PluginInterface ()=default
virtual ~PluginInterface ()=default
 PluginInterface (const PluginInterface &)=delete
PluginInterfaceoperator= (const PluginInterface &)=delete

Static Public Member Functions

static void Initialize ()
static void Terminate ()
static lldb::ABISP CreateInstance (lldb::ProcessSP process_sp, const lldb_private::ArchSpec &arch)
static lldb_private::ConstString GetPluginNameStatic ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ABI
static lldb::ABISP FindPlugin (lldb::ProcessSP process_sp, const ArchSpec &arch)

Protected Member Functions

lldb::ValueObjectSP GetReturnValueObjectImpl (lldb_private::Thread &thread, lldb_private::CompilerType &ast_type) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::RegInfoBasedABI
bool GetRegisterInfoByName (llvm::StringRef name, RegisterInfo &info)
 ABI (lldb::ProcessSP process_sp, std::unique_ptr< llvm::MCRegisterInfo > info_up)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ABI
virtual lldb::ValueObjectSP GetReturnValueObjectImpl (Thread &thread, llvm::Type &ir_type) const
lldb::ProcessSP GetProcessSP () const
 Request to get a Process shared pointer. More...
 ABI (lldb::ProcessSP process_sp, std::unique_ptr< llvm::MCRegisterInfo > info_up)
virtual lldb::addr_t FixCodeAddress (lldb::addr_t pc, lldb::addr_t mask)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from lldb_private::ABI
static std::unique_ptr< llvm::MCRegisterInfo > MakeMCRegisterInfo (const ArchSpec &arch)
 Utility function to construct a MCRegisterInfo using the ArchSpec triple. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from lldb_private::ABI
lldb::ProcessWP m_process_wp
std::unique_ptr< llvm::MCRegisterInfo > m_mc_register_info_up

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ABIMacOSX_arm()

ABIMacOSX_arm::~ABIMacOSX_arm ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CallFrameAddressIsValid()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::CallFrameAddressIsValid ( lldb::addr_t  cfa)

Implements lldb_private::ABI.

Definition at line 39 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.h.

◆ CodeAddressIsValid()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::CodeAddressIsValid ( lldb::addr_t  pc)

Implements lldb_private::ABI.

Definition at line 48 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.h.

References pc, and UINT32_MAX.

◆ CreateDefaultUnwindPlan()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::CreateDefaultUnwindPlan ( lldb_private::UnwindPlan unwind_plan)

◆ CreateFunctionEntryUnwindPlan()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::CreateFunctionEntryUnwindPlan ( lldb_private::UnwindPlan unwind_plan)

◆ CreateInstance()

ABISP ABIMacOSX_arm::CreateInstance ( lldb::ProcessSP  process_sp,
const lldb_private::ArchSpec arch 

Definition at line 1307 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

References lldb_private::ArchSpec::GetTriple().

◆ FixCodeAddress()

lldb::addr_t ABIMacOSX_arm::FixCodeAddress ( lldb::addr_t  pc)

Some targets might use bits in a code address to indicate a mode switch.

ARM uses bit zero to signify a code address is thumb, so any ARM ABI plug-ins would strip those bits.

Reimplemented from lldb_private::ABI.

Definition at line 55 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.h.

References pc.

◆ GetArgumentValues()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::GetArgumentValues ( lldb_private::Thread thread,
lldb_private::ValueList values 
) const

◆ GetPluginName()

lldb_private::ConstString ABIMacOSX_arm::GetPluginName ( )

Implements lldb_private::PluginInterface.

Definition at line 2036 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

◆ GetPluginNameStatic()

lldb_private::ConstString ABIMacOSX_arm::GetPluginNameStatic ( )

Definition at line 2029 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

◆ GetRedZoneSize()

size_t ABIMacOSX_arm::GetRedZoneSize ( ) const

Implements lldb_private::ABI.

Definition at line 1302 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

◆ GetRegisterInfoArray()

const lldb_private::RegisterInfo * ABIMacOSX_arm::GetRegisterInfoArray ( uint32_t count)

Implements lldb_private::RegInfoBasedABI.

Definition at line 1297 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

References g_register_infos, and k_num_register_infos.

◆ GetReturnValueObjectImpl()

ValueObjectSP ABIMacOSX_arm::GetReturnValueObjectImpl ( lldb_private::Thread thread,
lldb_private::CompilerType ast_type 
) const

◆ Initialize()

void ABIMacOSX_arm::Initialize ( )

Definition at line 2020 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

Referenced by ABIARM::Initialize().

◆ IsArmv7kProcess()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::IsArmv7kProcess ( ) const

Definition at line 1528 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

References lldb_private::ArchSpec::GetCore().

◆ PrepareTrivialCall()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::PrepareTrivialCall ( lldb_private::Thread thread,
lldb::addr_t  sp,
lldb::addr_t  func_addr,
lldb::addr_t  returnAddress,
llvm::ArrayRef< lldb::addr_t args 
) const

◆ RegisterIsVolatile()

bool ABIMacOSX_arm::RegisterIsVolatile ( const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *  reg_info)

Definition at line 1865 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

◆ SetReturnValueObject()

Status ABIMacOSX_arm::SetReturnValueObject ( lldb::StackFrameSP &  frame_sp,
lldb::ValueObjectSP &  new_value 

◆ Terminate()

void ABIMacOSX_arm::Terminate ( )

Definition at line 2025 of file ABIMacOSX_arm.cpp.

Referenced by ABIARM::Terminate().

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