The LLDB Debugger

Checking out LLDB sources

Refer to the LLVM Getting Started Guide for general instructions on how to check out source. Note that LLDB depends on having a working checkout of LLVM and Clang, so the first step is to download and build as described at the above URL. The same repository also contains LLDB.

Git browser:

For MacOSX building from Xcode, simply checkout LLDB and then build from Xcode. The Xcode project will automatically detect that it is a fresh checkout, and checkout LLVM and clang automatically. Unlike other platforms / build systems, it will use the following directory structure.

                  `-- llvm
                      +-- tools
                          `-- clang
So updating your checkout will consist of updating lldb, llvm, and clang in these locations.

Refer to the Build Instructions for more detailed instructions on how to build for a particular platform / build system combination.

Contributing to LLDB

Please refer to the LLVM Developer Policy for information about authoring and uploading a patch. LLDB differs from the LLVM Developer Policy in the following respects.

  • Test infrastructure. It is still important to submit tests with your patches, but LLDB uses a different system for tests. Refer to the lldb/test folder on disk for examples of how to write tests.
For anything not explicitly listed here, assume that LLDB follows the LLVM policy.