class lldb.SBTypeEnumMemberList(*args)

Represents a list of SBTypeEnumMembers.

SBTypeEnumMemberList supports SBTypeEnumMember iteration. It also supports [] access either by index, or by enum element name by doing:

myType = target.FindFirstType('MyEnumWithElementA')
members = myType.GetEnumMembers()
first_elem = members[0]
elem_A = members['A']

Methods Summary

Append(SBTypeEnumMemberList self, …)
GetSize(SBTypeEnumMemberList self)
IsValid(SBTypeEnumMemberList self)

Methods Documentation

Append(SBTypeEnumMemberList self, SBTypeEnumMember entry)
GetSize(SBTypeEnumMemberList self) → uint32_t
GetTypeEnumMemberAtIndex(SBTypeEnumMemberList self, uint32_t index) → SBTypeEnumMember
IsValid(SBTypeEnumMemberList self) → bool

Iterate over all members in a lldb.SBTypeEnumMemberList object.


Return the number of members in a lldb.SBTypeEnumMemberList object.