class lldb.SBBroadcaster(*args)

Represents an entity which can broadcast events.

A default broadcaster is associated with an SBCommandInterpreter, SBProcess, and SBTarget. For example, use

broadcaster = process.GetBroadcaster()

to retrieve the process’s broadcaster.

See also SBEvent for example usage of interacting with a broadcaster.

Methods Summary

AddListener(SBBroadcaster self, …)
BroadcastEvent(SBBroadcaster self, …)
BroadcastEventByType(SBBroadcaster self, …)
Clear(SBBroadcaster self)
EventTypeHasListeners(SBBroadcaster self, …)
GetName(SBBroadcaster self)
IsValid(SBBroadcaster self)
RemoveListener(SBBroadcaster self, …)

Methods Documentation

AddInitialEventsToListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener, uint32_t requested_events)
AddListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener, uint32_t event_mask) → uint32_t
BroadcastEvent(SBBroadcaster self, SBEvent event, bool unique=False)
BroadcastEventByType(SBBroadcaster self, uint32_t event_type, bool unique=False)
Clear(SBBroadcaster self)
EventTypeHasListeners(SBBroadcaster self, uint32_t event_type) → bool
GetName(SBBroadcaster self) → char const *
IsValid(SBBroadcaster self) → bool
RemoveListener(SBBroadcaster self, SBListener listener, uint32_t event_mask=4294967295U) → bool