class lldb.SBInstructionList(*args)

Represents a list of machine instructions. SBFunction and SBSymbol have GetInstructions() methods which return SBInstructionList instances.

SBInstructionList supports instruction (SBInstruction instance) iteration. For example (see also SBDebugger for a more complete example),

def disassemble_instructions (insts):
    for i in insts:
        print i

defines a function which takes an SBInstructionList instance and prints out the machine instructions in assembly format.

Methods Summary

AppendInstruction(SBInstructionList self, …)
Clear(SBInstructionList self)
GetDescription(SBInstructionList self, …)
GetInstructionsCount(SBInstructionList self, …)
GetSize(SBInstructionList self)
IsValid(SBInstructionList self)
Print(SBInstructionList self, SBFile out) Print(SBInstructionList self, lldb::FileSP BORROWED)

Methods Documentation

AppendInstruction(SBInstructionList self, SBInstruction inst)
Clear(SBInstructionList self)
DumpEmulationForAllInstructions(SBInstructionList self, char const * triple) → bool
GetDescription(SBInstructionList self, SBStream description) → bool
GetInstructionAtIndex(SBInstructionList self, uint32_t idx) → SBInstruction
GetInstructionsCount(SBInstructionList self, SBAddress start, SBAddress end, bool canSetBreakpoint=False) → size_t
GetSize(SBInstructionList self) → size_t
IsValid(SBInstructionList self) → bool
Print(SBInstructionList self, SBFile out)

Print(SBInstructionList self, lldb::FileSP BORROWED)


Iterate over all instructions in a lldb.SBInstructionList object.


Access len of the instruction list.